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Girls weak ankles good mary janes with excellent arches

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Brands Kopecki

Product Code: Tola Gray

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  • Weak ankles good arch gray leather shoes for children
    Lovely designer shoes for child.
    Any season shoes since they fit the bill totally.
    Have all the makings of supportive shoes as they should.
    Did you know that European Union produces only best shoes for kids and adults.
    Why, since shoes affect posture, spine and whole body gait.
    We described that in our blog just at the bottom of that site.
    Pictures with logic that follows shoes is described in detail.
    We follow different logic in Europe as to kids shoes in general.
    We do not have business of selling and making orthodics for children like it is done in USA.
    Podiatrists appointments, visits, orthodics - it is all business to take money out of parent.
    We do not have that in Europe, we invest in best shoes for child from the day they start walking till teen years.
    Shoes are supportive, best foot forming thus no need any orthidics and money waste for doctors visits.
    Quality shoes are a device that will stop and avoid all the foot problems child might have.
    It is all in the shoes folks!

    Corrective high arch girls shoes.

    Excellent leather orthopedic, antibacterial innersole


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    N.D - Virginia, USA 2015-02-11 03:18:01

    Great shoes for Spring - they are lovely not dark but more silver than anything. Leather is pristine quality and support as expected from European shoes. I only buy quality shoes for my kids since they were babies and their feet formed perfectly. Strangely I say that to my friends and they do not share my thinking. Well, their kids display prolonged feet, have flat feet and most of them are pigeon toed. Hmmm...I wonder why? Here is the answer - cheap Chinese shoes with no support. I guess we Europeans are taught from young on quality and we live by the rule all of our lives. I myslef grew up in Italy and I remember that my mother bought us only local supportive shoes. As I result I can dance in 6 inch heels, feel no discomfort or pain. Hmmm...I guess shoes had lots of to do with that when my feet where forming and growing...Thank you for selling such quality in USA since local stores offer zero quality on any product sold to the masses. Nocoletta Dessow from North Virginia

    S.P - Calabasas, CA 2013-01-03 13:13:41

    Love them! Great leather and best arch support that I have seen in any shoes available on-line. They fit great and my daughter says they are comfy...I will be back for summer shoes for sure. Beautiful gray color, matches every outfit we have. Thanks,