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Brand: Falcotto

Product Code: Sala White

White Baby Sandals for Wide Feet | Summer Closed Toe

White baby sandals for wide feet
Orthopedic white/beige leather baby new walking sandals
Wide width toddler walking beige sandals decorated with gold dots.
Super soft baby wide sandals for learning to walk.
Those are perfect summer shoes for a child.
They are ankle high, good arch support, none sweat soles (no smelly feet in those ever).
Proper foot forming wide sandals for a child with wider feet.
Perfect summer wide sandals that are wide for any child.
Practical and well made ankle deformation preventative footwear for child since they feature good ankle support.
They are sturdy in the back with proper foot support.
Orthopedic arches inside with anti sweat soles inside.
Leather inside and out made with care and according to orthopedic standards set in Europe.
Shoes for children are produced with accordance of Ministry of Health and orthopedic standards.
They are designed to form and support kids feet and posture so they have to provide needed support for  growing and developing feet.
Total comfort white sandals for a baby made with quality leather.
Orthopedic best quality with arches for child with wide feet.
Natural leather fashion best toddler shoes for new walkers.
Quality kids white shoes shape and form kids feet thus it is important that child wears only best shoes at all times. 
Kids feet are formed by shoes they wear thus it is important they are the best quality that you can buy.
Those are unique leather walkers for a toddler and perfect for summer season with good orthopedic support.

Wide toddler walking shoes with high arches

Tiptoe walking preventative footwear for toddlers


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