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Brand: Falcotto

Product Code: Keri White

White sneakers for girls made with quality leather

White baby sneakers with delicate print leather
Ankle support best sneakers with reinforced ankle support to prevent pronation.
The sole keeps child feet in a packet and give ultimate ankle support.
Child walks in them superior where ankle is supported and aligned.
No pronation or pigeon toe will ever develop.
Lovely sneakers that are made in Serbia and designed by a group of orthopedic doctors.
This is a quality shoe that every child does need as their feet are forming and developing.
Avoid any junk shoes on your child that are soft, no arch support and not supportive.
Shoes made in China are the worst and they offer zero support.
Any plastic rubber shoe (crocks keens or any other cheap shoes), any shoe without ankle support will deform your baby's feet.
You can avoid all orthopedic problems with best shoes for kids.
That is what parents due in Europe, they buy best shoes for children at all times.
2 pairs only needed for entire season.

Comfort silver sneakers for girls

Quality orthopedic girls European sneakers


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