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Wide feet and high instep toddler boots
Unique toddlers boys boots made with good leather.
Wide toe box, wide soles and wide instep style.
Perfect for chubby toddler with ultra wide feet.
Arch support wide boots for wide feet for toddlers.
Beige, green, orange
smooth natural leather wide boots.
Best for wide feet and high instep toddler wide boots.

Did you know that width in European children shoes is determined by the soles
Meaning what kind of sole is used on a given model of the shoe.
Every brand offers shoes, boots, sneakers, sandals on narrow and wide soles
They do that so they can fit any type of child foot.
Child can get ultimate orthopedic support with best fitting shoes.
If toddler has wide feet they need wide shoe with wide instep and wide toe box.
If narrow then narrow sole, narrow width and narrow instep.
Arches like inflated pillows added to the sole of those wide boot.
Totally waterproof leather wide boot for any season.
Those wide boots are designed to support and align toddler weak ankles and best for wide feet.
Best quality European wide boots for a child that you can buy
Quality wide boots are ultra important for a child
Since they provide needed ankle and foot support.
Whole body gait is affected by wide boots or shoes children wear.
Orthopedic arch build into the sole of the wide boot.
No flat shoes is ever produced in Europe - only best quality shoes as those.
They form and shape kids feet correctly and child will avoid any orthopedic problems.
Kids wear only such caliber shoes in Europe and end up with well formed feet.
We view those wide boots as foot developmental for children and ever child wears them in Europe.
They are recommended by every foot doctor in Europe.
Europe does no import cheap shoes from China since they offer zero support.
Try them they are best of the best wide boots for a child.
Invest in good shoes for a child it is totally worth it.
It is best to buy 2 pairs of good shoes per season then 10 pairs of poorly made ones.

Boots to support and align toddler weak ankles

Best European brand boots for a child


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Larry S. NC 2020-03-31 02:30:41

Those have been great for our son, support in them is top of the line and they transformed his feet from pronated to better. We will continue with high ankle European shoes to fix his feet since we see it is working quite well. Now I get it why they are so expensive.