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Children chubby fat feet wide high instep leather shoes

Best arch support chubby feet toddlers high tops

Wide toe box sandals, sneakers for kids

Chubby feet toddler or child best shoes for high instep. Perfect for fat and wide, chubby feet with long velcros. Wide footwear for kids in Europe vary with soles they are added to the specific model. Basically wide sole then toe box of the shoe is wide along with instep. Measurement in factory is done on real child feet and exact measurements are taken. In Europe detail and time is spent on making such shoes for a child since they have to be absolute best. Shoes form and support boys and girls feet so they have to have best ankle, orthopedic and arch support inside. Arch is always added to the sole of the model, it is not located in a leather lining of the shoe as it used to was in European manufacturing. Arch support never goes flat as it is build into the sole - molded basically. When child is running, walking, jumping and wearing the shoes for a while interior lining used to went flat since leather is a soft material. When orthopedic soles were introduced in Europe back in 1990 that changed the whole ball game. Soles on European walkers does not come from China or India - they actually molded in Europe There is 4 companies that measure and produce soles for all children's brands in Europe. They are also certified orthopedic and regulated by Ministry of Health. The soles have to be flexible as those soles are on that model. Notice they are ankle supportive sneakers and they do not bent in the back of the model. They have to be like that for best ankle and foot support. They prevent against pronation, pigeon toes or flat feet. Europe has done countless medical studies on those sneakers and generations of kids grew up on them. They all grown up with well formed feet and best posture. It is all shoe related and what kind are you placing on your baby. Cheap sneakers will destroy and deform their feet over time and you will see toe in, ankle pronation and flat feet. That is why invest in best footwear for your child. It is totally worth the cost as it saves a parent a headache and unrepeatable condition. Child will not grow out of pigeon toes, ankle pronation or tip toe walking - it is not going to happen. There is no amount of AFO, SMO and orthodics that you can use and problem will not cure itself. Good footwear with orthopedic support is a key here.

Purchase from below ankle support high top lovely chubby feet high instep boots, shoes, sandals and sneakers from Europe. Double wide for child with wide feet - yes, they are wide for chubby feet. Stable rubber soles for child. Anti smell soles inside so child will not sweat in those boots. Ortho high tops from Europe and they are undeniable the best sneakers that you can buy for your child. Suggested by every foot doctor and pediatrician in Europe. Those chubby feet high instep walkers shape and form toddler foot correctly. They also best for over-pronation treatment chubby feet high instep for boys. Soft leather used with best arches for optimal comfort. Best orthopedic medical footwear for chubby feet high instep boots for a child. Fully adjustable style for kids comfort. Antibacterial innersoles - Yes, never smelly, sweat feet ever. They form their fat feet, posture ankles. Provide needed ankle support, heel support and orthopedic arch.  The soles contain arch support and ankle support that is needed for a small walker. Europeans measure the width of every child when they producing any footwear. The sole is measured from size to size and it is wider from size 20,21, 22, 23, 24 etc. Contrary in China no factory measures the width of any footwear they produce. They add the length and that is all. That is why wide oversized walkers from China are so miss-fitted and quality is so horrible. There is no effort on factory side to measure the soles correctly and produce any supportive quality. Keeping cost low is a key here. The cheaper the better so company in USA can make more profit on the footwear. Did you know that it cost about $3 with shipping to USA to produce a pair of average child wide walkers in China? Well, then local company can sell them to you at $50.00-$60.00. So what kind of value are you getting here for $3.00. How does the shoe that is cheaply made would support your child's fat feet? How would that develop them as healthy walkers? That is why footwear made in China destroy and deform toddlers fat feet. Don't be fulled by the fact that footwear made in China are good for wide fat feet. Well, they are but they are not measured at all, they do not offer any orthopedic support that child truly does need it. Furthermore, leather from China is manufactured out of toxic leather that contains lead and mercury since pain dries faster. That is so toxic to human body and especially a child! That is why invest in best orthopedic European walkers.

Wide high instep vs narrow soles ones

In Europe footwear is manufactured for narrow and wide feet, they vary based on the sole that was used for specific model. So we have wide soles that we fit chubby babies with high instep and narrow soled for smaller slim feet. The European based companies that manufacture those rubber soles (never mad in China or India) measure them accordingly on real children in daycare and schools so they fit properly. Also arch support is added to the rubber sole and molded accordingly to European Orthopedic Standards. Then the soles are purchased by various European shoe brands and they assemble their shoes on them. That way every company has a mix of narrow and wide for every child in their quarterly collections. Instep is also adjusted on each shoe since those on wide soles will have high instep added automatically. For Spring and Summer sneakers, t-straps and mary janes are offered for children with wide feet and high instep as well as those with narrow feet on narrow soles. Fall/Winter is presented the same way - snow boots, leather boots, mary janes, school, sneakers on wide soles and equal amount on narrow soles.

European best made shoes offer best orthopedic support, craftsmanship, leather quality, fit, well measured soles that are made according to European irthopedic standards set for all children. Those European footwear differ greatly when compared to the ones manufactured in China or other low cost country. Footwear made in China offer zero orthopedic support, soles are not measured for average child's foot, they do not fit well, they often smell due to cheap leather used, no antibacterial innersoles. Truth is they literally deform and destroy kids feet over time causing a child to develop pigeon toe and ankle pronation. Over time child's posture gets destroyed as well since feet become too weak to carry entire body and feet begun to shift inwards. This is an effect of shoes with zero support once worn as a child. Therefore take a suggestion of every orthopedic doctor in Europe that insists on best walkers for all the children not just those with orthopedic problems. 
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