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Boys wide high instep sneakers with arches

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Brands Pegina

Product Code: 1208-4

  • SKU: 1208-4
  • Wide sneakers for a toddler with high arches
    Great for child with wider feet and high instep.
    Perfect ortho sneakers for a toddler

    Decorated with navy/red/white leather lines.
    Natural leather used with none sweat soles present.
    Child feet will never sweat in those sneakers as they absorb sweat from the soles.
    Corrective for any feet problems child might experience
    Europe makes ortho shoes only with proper support.
    Accept no substitutes as shoes from China never support kids feet.

    Heel support walking sneakers for kids

    White baby boy sneakers with best ankle support


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    Steven, San Francisco 2016-05-11 20:45:46

    Well, those sneakers are PHENOMENAL quality....tested them for 5 months and they still fit and wear great. Just ordered another pair in light blue since my son does not want to take them off his feet after all day at school and running around. Support in them is huge, nice leather, great fit. He wears them without any socks and his feet do not smell. My God it is like night and day when you compare them to local Nike, New Balance and other garbage they sell locally with no support. I can see a clear difference in my son's walking. He begun pigeon toeing a bit since we put crocks on him and cheap sneakers. We had no clue how important shoes for a child really are. We will be buying shoes from you until he grows up.