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Wide width leather silver boots for a toddler girls

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Brands Falcotto

Product Code: Pimpka Silver

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  • Wide width leather boots for a toddler girls
    Best for wide feet and ultra high instep.
    Ortho boots for a child with proper ankle and heel support.
    Ankle is stiff and will stay in a packet at all times of wear.
    Best toddler boots with actual support
    Imported from Europe and made there.
    Those boots feature special soles that do not sweat when kids wear them.
    They absorb sweat from baby's feet.
    As a result kids feet never sweat in those high tops.
    Those boots are lovely, mix between a sneaker and boot.
    Type of a high top that every baby should wear as they support their feet.
    Silver leather with furry tongue for decoration.
    Best ankle high tops that you can buy for toddler.

    Support high arch wide width boots for toddler girls

    Wide high instep toddler boots with arches


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    Rivera 2017-02-22 21:13:58

    Those have been the best boots that I ever bought for my baby. Not only the color and design is beautiful but they are the best quality as well. I used to was a fan of Primigi but that shoes are like from different quality - more higher up and made in Serbia. Had no clue that Serbia has such great quality shoes...

    Tamara -W. Hollywood 2017-01-17 01:41:11

    Handsome boot for a wide feet baby girl. I like the support inside where you see a huge bump - and great heel support. They are also light and flexible at the sole. Just like ABC of a quality shoe for a child. In USA you cannot buy such quality since shoes here are total crap and they deform kids feet. I am just amazed what I see in the stores here and on local kids. Cheap, smelly plastic shoes that deform kids feet - boy, I wonder where the mothers are to even allow such crap on their kids feet! In Russia every child wears quality shoes only and no one displays any feet problems. Here in USA is like a plague but no one cares? I just had my baby a year ago and the first thing that I searched for was quality, orthopedic shoes and slippers for her. I had not found anything like quality in local stores (and I live in LA!) total junk, I mean Chinese junk! I refuse to spent money on crap...