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European ladies footwear offered in big US sizes

European tall boots for adults from Europe

Big selection of unique boots, sandals, sneakers and pumps

Selection of unique designer ladies sandals, sneakers, boots, winter boots, pumps and flats. All footwear are imported from Europe and made out of best leathers. They are very stylish unique, well crated by some of the most skilled shoe makes in Europe. Unique feature of genuine European footwear and their durability. A pair of good European made typically lasts good five to six years of constant wear and if they seasonal like winter boots they last good nine years or longer. European adult footwear typically cost more in price but they far suppress the durability of the shoes. The leather on them is well made and they are durable and the innersoles contain antibacterial innersoles so they do not perspire. We offer flats out of sheep leather that are soft, well processed and unique to say the least. All the footwear we sell are genuine and manufacture in Europe - not China. Shoes from China are always cheaply made and their leather have always traces of lead and mercury on them. China paint the leather in one trim and to keep the color vivid they add harmful chemical substances to adhere the paint faster. That process is prohibited in Europe since footwear industry if regulated by Ministry of Health. Shoes manufactured in China are among lowest durability ones that exist in developed world. They are not durable at all and the cheap price reflects the durability and zero . In contrast to European made footwear the higher price far surpasses the use of those flats in long term. The flats are durable to stuffs, constant wear and last really long time. This is a signature of European style that every manufacturer take its pride in Europe. Some of the brands we offer are Baldowski, Gina Piacci, Maciejka, Kornecki, Polak and Prestige brands. We also offer big selection of ladies flats in big USA sizes such as size 11, 12, 13 US that are difficult to find since majority of shoes usually end at size 11 US. We sell those big sizes exceptionally well since lots of ladies easily pass size 10 and 11 in US. We offer flats, winter boots and sandals in those hard to find big sizes.

Petunia Black

Designer high heel fashion booties from EuropeTurn up the charm this season with these stunning boots.High heel women designer boots from Europe.Made out of c..

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Pinezka Brown

Fashion tall boots for adultsDesigner brown leather quality wedge boots for women from Europe.Comfortable and very durable for long walks or daily wear. Made ..

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Pinezka Gray

Gray leather above the knee fashion boots for womenKnee height fashion tall boots for women from Europe Comfortable, quality leather tall boots.Fashionable Eu..

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Potomac Blue

Supportive sneakers for women from EuropeBlue leather fashion women designer sneakers Soft and comfy that you will be surprised how comfy they are. Made out o..

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Potomac Gray

Orthopedic shoes for women from EuropeSoft soles best sneakers for women with support and good arch inside. Made out of gray leather with high orthopedic supp..

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Preludia Brown

Low heel good support comfort boots for daily wearWinter boots for women in brown leatherMade in Europe not China - durable and well made fashion boots for wo..

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Pukka Black

Black patent leather shoes from Europe for a woman total comfort and style. Fashionable European comfort shoes for daily wear.Gina Piacci by Eksbut brand. Mad..

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Sabrina Brown

Turn up the charm this season with these stunning low heels.Fashionable European made with a flavor.Made in Poland by Laura Rosa by Maciejka.Made out of brown..

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Sardinia Gray

European women boots with low heelComfortable, quality leather short boots.Fashionable European comfort boots for daily wear.Made in Poland by Gina Piacci by ..

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