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Yellow sneakers for children with arches ortho support

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Brands Bopi

Product Code: Dunkin Yellow

  • SKU: 55-55
  • Yellow sneakers for children with arches
    Cute and well made for a boy or girl.
    Proper foot support with arches and heel support present.

    Orthopedic best for your toddler by Bopy.
    Arches added to the sole of the sneaker.
    Velcro that will stabilize child's foot.
    Good arches, heel support best for a young walker.
    Best ortho yellow sneakers for a baby that you can buy.
    They help child with stable walking, balance and healthy foot development.
    Millions of children in Europe wore and continue to wear them as children.
    They do the work of orthopedic support despite them being arches slippers.
    They were designed by orthopedic doctor from Europe.
    Heel support, ankle support, arches none sweat soles
    Notice the back since support added to back to the sole.
    Back will not bend when baby is walking keeping little feet in a packet
    Supported at all times.
    They are super walkers, try them your baby or toddler will like them.
    Every baby or toddler wears them in Europe as start up walkers with proper orthopedic support.
    They feature arch support, ankle support and heel support.
    Arches are added to the soles of the walking slippers since all walking arches shoes are made like that in Europe.
    Leather lining inside is just for comfort of a baby walking, arches added to the soles since they never go flat.
    You can see them from the side - arch part is higher then the rest of the sole.
    Those walking arches slippers are best since baby or child can wear them in a house or daycare.
    Feet do not sweat or smell in them ever.
    They absorb sweat from kids feet.
    Generations of kids grew up on those arches shoes in Europe and they end up with perfect feet and great posture.

    No flat shoes or sneakers is ever produced in Europe.
    Every shoe produced is orthopedic with proper support.
    Footwear is considered medical need for a child in Europe that is why they always quality.
    Regulated by Healthy Foot Mark and Ministry of Health in Europe.
    Don't think of shoes as shoes for child and that they will outgrow them too quickly.
    Well fitted shoes last entire season for a child so it is like 4-5 for a toddler.
    Older children change sneakers less often.
    They are foot forming products so child does need to have the best shoes on possible.

    Foot support toddler sneakers for kids

    Proper leather none smell sneakers for children


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