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Where to buy best baby new walkers

Pediatric healthy walkers for babies and toddlers

Ankle support best footwear brands for kids with flat feet

Best house slippers, new walkers for children should feature:

High back heel support needed for ankle baby slippers with arches
They are best slippers canvas footwear for babies or toddlers to take first steps and learn how to walk
Orthopedic arch support present contoured into the sole of the model.
Rubber sole never goes flat thus arches are added to the soles of those super house slippers.
Leather lining goes on the top of the interior lining of the slipper.
The sole over lapses the heel (notice he heel being higher) and that reinforces heel support.
Thanks to that feature kids feet are safe from weak ankles, pronation or pigeon toe formation.

Manufactured in Europe according to high orthopedic standards.
Breathable canvas material used (perfect to wear in the house or daycare)
Flexible rubber sole with excellent traction (they can run in them like crazy in the house)
Regulated side clip or velcro closure that keeps baby ankle stable and aligned

Side clip is great to stabilize the ankles and prevents kids from taking them off.
Clip holding ankle in a perfect straight position and aligns little feet when standing or walking
Weightless and lighter then any leather footwear with arches
Best foot and ankle support for young walkers
Preventive against all orthopedic problems that child might develop like flat feet, pigeon toes weak ankles and ankle pronation
Recommended by every pediatrician or foot specialist in Europe!
Developed by orthopedic doctor over 35 years ago in Europe.

They are total pediatric walkers that every child does need not just those with orthopedic problems or kids in general.
Millions of babies, toddler and kids grew up on those house slippers in Europe and grown to have perfectly shaped feet and posture.

This canvas footwear is regulated by European Orthopedic Ministry of Health.
Total comfort for a new walker and proper foot support for first steps.
Manufactured in France, Serbia, Spain, Poland or Czech Republic.
Never manufactured in China! (God forbid they will not be orthopedic and total junk!)

We always have a full stock since they are the best house arches footwear for girls and boys manufactured in Europe.

Start up walking leather walkers for children to wear outside should feature:

Leather inside
and out best baby shoes with arches for new walkers

High top leather walkers for babies or toddlers to take first steps and learn how to walk
Those are perfect to wear outside for a child and are totally
healthy orthopedic slippers
They feature high back and ankle heel support that is needed for all children!
They are called
high tops in USA or Baby Deer, but in Europe we call them orthopedic slippers.
Best leather used with NO traces of mercury (leather from China always has mercury traces on their leather)
Orthopedic arch support added to the sole of every model since no flat footwear is ever produced in Europe.
Rubber soles are contoured to child's foot and orthopedic arch (bump) added to the soles.
Rubber being sturdy material never goes flat when child is walking in the high tops.
Leather lining goes on the top of the sole to maximize the comfort.

Breathable leather antibacterial innersoles (no smelly feet ever) as they absorb sweat from child's feet.
Flexible rubber sole with excellent traction for running, jumping and walking.
Closure with laces, velcro or zipper.
Weightless and easy for a child to walk.
Best foot and ankle support that will mold and form kids feet correctly.
Shaping foot correctly means supporting body and overall posture.
Preventive against flat feet, pigeon toes weak ankles and ankle pronation
Child will avoid all orthopedic problems with wearing appropriate orthopedic footwear with arches.
Children feet are formed and shaped by type of footwear they wear as babies, toddlers or older children.
European orthopedic footwear feature different angles of support for each age group.

Only 2 pairs of good arches high tops are needed for rotation.
Avoid buying local footwear made in low cost countries (Keens, Stride Rite, Crocks, Tukikoshi, Apakowa, UGS)
They are made out of cheap leather and feature zero support for growing and forming feet and posture
Low quality arches footwear are not orthopedic, not supportive and deform kids feet in a long run.
Only footwear 100% manufactured in Europe are truly orthopedic.
They are best for children recommended by every pediatrician in Europe.
Matter of fact they are the only healthy walkers
that you can buy in Europe in any department store.
Kids wear quality, orthopedic footwear only, no low quality walkers manufacture in low cost countries.
As a result children in Europe do not develop any orthopedic issues as flat feet, pronation, pigeon toe, bow legs or weak ankles.
They start with quality walkers as babies and continue to teen years.
Quality footwear form their feet, ankles, posture and whole body gait.

European shoes are regulated by European Orthopedic Ministry of Health.
Footwear for kids are considered health, medical and developmental product and that is why it is regulated in Europe.

Therefore, invest in best footwear for your child since it is money well spent.
Quality footwear normally last entire 4-5 months for a baby, and 6-7 months for older child before they outgrown them.
2 pairs of quality are needed for rotation for whole season.
Do not rotate them with low quality footwear since they directly impact kids feet.
Orthopedic walkers are also perfect for kids who do not display any orthopedic problems yet, their feet will get easily deformed with cheap footwear.
They are also great tool to correct any orthopedic issues child displays due to cheap footwear with no support they have been wearing.
SMO, AFO prescribed by orthopedic doctors in USA are totally NOT effective in treating any orthopedic problems.
SMO, AFO are heavy, clunky not comfortable for children to wear and they do not fit any footwear due to their construction.
Most importantly they will NOT improve kids feet or get rid of any orthopedic issues since they are very limiting to movement and in reality no child wants to wear them.
AFO, SMO are totally abandoned by medical professionals in Europe since 1950, since they cause NO positive effects on kids feet.
That is why orthopedic walkers were created to replace AFO, SMO's and orthodics.
Those shoes positively impact kids feet, get rid of orthopedic problems and are comfortable for kids to wear.

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