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Brown boys shoes for double wide feet
Wide leather shoes for boys
Heel supportive for ankle pronation in kids

dressy or casual for daily wear with high arch support.
Brown/beige/orange leather.
Great arches, heel support and good walking soles.
Super quality boys shoes made in Europe.
This type of shoe every boy should wear.
They have all the right markings of supportive shoe for a child.
Kids need good shoes so their feet will form correctly.
This is an example of leather quality shoe with actual good support.

Best boys shoes for wide feet and high instep

Wide leather shoes for boys


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Lynda O. - Schaumburg,IL 2012-11-29 00:08:09

Finally a store that says NO to cheap Chinese imports! I visited the store this past Saturday in Hinsdale and I was amazed with selection. My God, I don't think that I ever saw so many shoes in one store before. So many to choose from and nicely organized on glass shelves. I tried few pairs on my son with a help of a nice, young lady. She was very polite and attentive. I bought 2 pairs and this is one of them above. Wonderful and classic boy's shoes in my opinion. My son wears them few days now and he says he likes them a lot. OK then - we bought quality European shoes. Finally, a store with great service and top quality. Thank you....I will be back in a Spring.....

Irina from NY 2012-08-28 22:44:10

I love those shoes! Nice and elegant plus they solidly made. Excellent arch support and leather used on this model. They are brown/beige with hint of orange. They are toned down - not so colorful. This is my second pair of Kornecki shoes and by far my favorite brand for a my son. They wear like iron! I never owned any European brand that would held up so well. My son is rough on his shoes in general and he usually scuffs them before he grows out of them. Kornecki shoes stay nice and clean, without a single scuff entire time of wear. I consider that money well spend. Thanks, I am very pleased with them.

Brian D. from Miami 2012-06-12 23:16:09

Great shoes for a boy. Very elegant design and craftsmanship. I had no clue that they make such of such quality in Poland! There is no such shoes in USA - I have not seen any in local stores. They are made out of cheap leather, many of them synthetic leather and they horribly made. There is no fit of any kind. I have been buying European shoes for my kid since he was little and it was money well spent. His feet are well formed, excellent arch support, do not smell and his ankles do not collapse as I see it on many kids in local school. I am a single parent so I had to become interested in clothes, shoes that I needed for a kid so I learned about the shoes from local pediatrician who happened to be Russian origin. She was correct 100% and I am so glad she educated me about it. I like that store and I continue to buy from them until my kid grows out of kids sizes.