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Naturino quality orthopedic shoes for kids of all ages wide selection of shoes, boots, sneakers, baby start walker footwear. Proper orthopedic for kids imported from Europe. Foot forming footwear for kids of all ages manufactured in Serbia by originally Italian brand Naturino. Brand specializes in production of quality shoes for children of all ages all the models are orthopedic with proper support for ankles, feet and posture. Constant usage of such shoes guarantee healthy foot development in children. Kids feet are formed and shaped by footwear they wear when they are growing so supportive are a must for correct, healthy development. Naturino shoes prevent all orthopedic problems such as ankle pronation, pigeon toe, tip toe walking, body gait issues since they support feet fully. Whole body is carried by feet person's has therefore it is important that the walkers they wear are absolute best quality with optimal support. Constant usage of supportive shoes guaranteed best outcomes meaning well formed feet and good posture.

Naturino healthy footwear for kids to fix feet since children's feet are shaped and mold by the type of shoes they have, therefore it is important to buy ONLY quality footwear for your children. Orthopedic shoes will properly develop your child's feet, support knee and feet joints, develop arch support and assist in straight gait and posture. Furthermore, your child will be very comfortable while wearing supportive footwear since they are perfect for walking and running. European children' footwear are made out of best leathers, offer orthopedic support (arch) have breathable innersoles (no sweaty smelly feet) and flexible soles. They are the best choice for small growing feet. Below is a shoe recommendation prototype that has been used by every European pediatrician to educate parents about footwear needs for their children. Children's or toddler foot growth is all dependent on individual body mass and age. Meaning, chubby kids that are beginning to walk, need new high tops every 4 months versus slimmer, petite babies (or preemies) with narrow feet often outgrow their shoes in 8-10 months. In other words, the chubbier the child than feet grow faster. Once the child passes age of three years, they loose "baby fat" and their feet usually slim down. New high tops are needed every 6 months on average. The growth process continues until they are fifteen years of age. Two pairs of quality boots are required for rotation per season. It is important to remember that it is best to buy two pairs of quality ankle supportive high tops vs poorly made ones.

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