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Has your child been complaining about foot and leg pain? Have you observed your child strolling and jogging in an abnormal way? Foot or leg pain is by no means normal, and there are certain steps that you could take which will substantially reduce symptoms. Pronation in children is ankles turning outward so that there is a tendency to walk on the inner border of the foot. This is a static deformity associated with with foot and arch discomfort. Children with flat toes tend to pronate due to their shoes. Too much pronation will affect your child’s body gait. Posture in adulthood will become unbalanced over time, and usually the pain will spread to the knees, back, shoulders and legs. Pronation is what makes it difficult for a child to take a step, which puts a greater strain on their legs. This leads to the development of calluses, blisters, and corns. Major cause of pronation or supination in children are poor shoes that lacks support for the foot in general, joints, or the stabilization the foot. When infants learn to walk and stand. they at risk of developing pronation since their back foot joints are very soft and sensitive to deformation. In some cases older children (ages 3 and up) would be required to wear orthodics to correct the problem along with supportive shoes. However, to prevent any foot deformities from a young age, child should wear only good leather orthopedic footwear so that their legs will develop correctly.

The only way to target pronation is investing in supportive corrective shoes. Europe is the only continent that offers such shoes and manufactures them according to high orthopedic standards. Orthopedic shoes from Europe are manufactured according to the European Ministry of Health recommends high sturdy shoes, sandals, boots or sneakers with reinforced heel support, antibacterial innersoles and good sole with traction. When child switches to such shoes their posture immediately improves and feet begun to line up and restore. Within a period of 3 years you will see a significant improvement. Shoes from Europe are considered the best for children in general, and they are designed correctly to form, develop and support growing feet. Children boots from Italy, France, Greece, Germany, Norway, Holland, Poland, Czech Republic, and Serbia are only orthopedic ones as they do not accept any faulty substitutes or copies. In contrast, footwear manufactured in China do not offer proper orthopedic weak feet support and do not offer any health benefits. They literally destroy and deform children's legs over time. Any brand that is sold in the United States for children is manufactured in Asian Countries (primarily China), and they offer zero orthopedic support that every child does need (not just ones with pronation or orthopedic problems). That is why we  offer only European shoes as they the best for growing and developing feet. 

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