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Weak ankles pronation best toddler shoes

Ankle supportive best toddler shoes

Orthopedic best high top ankle shoes

Shoes for kids with low muscle tone and weak ankles. Best start up walkers with proper ankle support, they will support and stabilize foot muscles. Shoes that are sturdy, supportive in the back. They should be like that since kids feet have pronated feet when they are little. Ankle supportive weak ankle high tops as those are a must with proper orthopedic arches. Those walkers help them to take stable and secure steps. Good flexible soles are added for proper support. Those weak ankle high tops are made in Europe using best leathers with no mercury. They are not made in China since none of the European shoes can ever be made there. Footwear is a health product in Europe and it is regulated. Only orthopedic, supportive weak ankles shoes are allowed for sale in Europe. All are regulated by European Health Society. If child wears low quality footwear you will notice her ankles turn inwards eventually collapsing and turning inwards. This is a cause of none orthopedic high tops meaning none supportive. We never, ever put low quality shoes on our children since they deform kids feet. Pigeon toe, ankle pronation are all cause of shoes with zero support. Therefore invest in good weak ankle footwear for your child it is totally worth the money. All orthopedic problems children will develop are caused by cheap none orthopedic weak ankle footwear with zero support. In Europe no child wears any orthodics ever since we start them with good ankle supportive shoes with arches. We continue with best shoes until they are teenagers. At the same time posture, body gait, feet, all nicely develops with proper shoes as those. No need for doctors visits orthodics appointments since the high tops itself is a therapy. Every foot specialist in Europe will tell you that since they are medically trained and observed how good shoes impact posture, body and feet development. No such studies were ever made in USA since medicine in US is for profit so more orthodics are sold and medical intervention made the better for medical community. Orthodics will do some improvement (those made by doctor) but they never restore foot to healthy condition. Follow European parents on that one, we have generations of adults they had such high tops when children back in 1980 and they all have perfect feet and posture. It is all shoe related from child to young person. Feet grow and develop till age 15, body bones stop growing at age 24 so good shoes are definitely part of that development cycle.

Stop Foot Pain - Buy best shoes for your Child!

Orthopedic shoes for children or European quality shoes are designed to shape and mold children's posture assuring proper growth and foot development. Orthopedic shoes are required for children in general not just those with specific orthopedic problems. Every child should wear only quality shoes at all times since they correctly shape kids legs and assist in posture development. Quality, orthopedic shoes will definitely transform your child's legs and over time correct any walking problems.In Europe, children shoes are viewed as a "health product" then fashion therefore they are made to highest quality standards imposed by European manufacturing. In other words, if you buying "cheap",  "non-orthopedic" shoes for your children it is guaranteed that your child will develop various deformities such as: walking problems (pigeon toes), collapsed joints, pronated (feet turning inwards), and later in adulthood back problems as well as pain of low extremities.

Major Features of Orthopedic Shoes:

  • correctly shape and mold children's feet
  • stabilize joints and knees
  • made out of best quality leathers
  • hand made and sized to guarantee perfect fit
  • orthopedic arch support
  • antibacterial leather innersoles that absorb sweat
  • orthopedic bubbles to improve blood circulation
  • flexible rubber soles with traction

Reason for Buying Orthopedic Shoes:

  • Buying quality shoes for your child is like investing in child's health and well being
  • It is NOT the QUANTITY of shoes but QUALITY.
  • Two pairs of quality shoes are needed per season.
  • It is important NOT to rotate between low quality shoes and orthopedic ones.
  • Quality shoes for children are absolute necessity NOT a fashion statement as generally perceived.
  • Is is not recommended to pass used shoes from child to child as they always form to the original user of the shoes.
  • European children shoes are simply the best because they are made to highest quality standards available in the world.

Good Ankle High Tops for Child are a MUST at any age

Does your child experiences collapsed feet, bow legs or pigeon toes? That are common orthopedic problems in toddlers and children in USA and it is a clear result of wearing none supportive, none-orthopedic shoes as a child. All shoes sold in USA in major department stores are manufactured out of low quality materials and they are all made in China. There is no support in them of any kind and they are designed to destroy and deform kids rather then form them correctly. Deformity develops over time as those shoes destroy posture, body gait, affect the spine and whole alignment. It just puzzles us that shoes of such low quality are widely imported to USA in such numbers and no health organization or USA government puts stop to it. Those shoes cause more damage to body then you can even imagine.


Any brand you mention on the market in USA is NOT orthopedic:

  • poor quality brands (Keen, UGGS, Crocks, Merells, Converse, Tsukihoshi, Stride Rite, Apakova, New Balance, Nike, Adidas, Nike, Stride Rite, Saucony,..any brand you see for sale in any store.
  • cheaply made in China or Vietnam
  • offers zero ankle support
  • no orthopedic arch
  • no quality leather
  • frequently made out of rubber
  • no none-sweat orthopedic soles (kids sweat and smell in those shoes)
  • destroy and deform posture how those shoes supposed to be effective in
forming and shaping kids feet?

While posture is growing and forming
it is important that child starts and continues with only leather ankle high shoes, sandals, boots or even canvas shoes that are set on good orthopedic sole. In Europe the only shoes allowed for production and sale are orthopedic ones that are locally made according to European Orthopedic Ministry of Health Standards. Shoes for children are viewed as medical, developmental need that every child does need. Basically babies start with good supportive shoes and continue till 15 years old. That system completely eliminates business of doctors medical visits, orthodics, and physical therapy. The key here is prevention of various foot deformities with GOOD ORTHOPEDIC SHOES! The purpose of good shoes for a child is to form and support posture and body gait from baby to teen. If child wears low quality shoes made in China out of low grade leather with zero orthopedic support it is 100% guaranteed they end up with destroyed, deformed and many orthopedic problems. That carries to adulthood and then knee pain, back pain, posture shift develops and person will experience pain their entire life. No surgery exists to correct posture, body gait problems, so basically starts from baby and how posture develops depends on shoes that child wears till adulthood.

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