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Shoes for kids with narrow feet directly imported from Europe. Shop selection of best toddler shoes for narrow feet set on petite soles that will fit well kids with slim feet. Narrow width is determined based on the rubber sole that was used on given shoe model. Little girls shoes for narrow feet, narrow girls sandals or designer girls boots for narrow feet or narrow girls sneakers or even school shoes for narrow feet have narrow soles and they are measured on average girls feet to make sure they fit perfectly. European shoes also offer narrow feet baby shoes, narrow baby boots with orthopedic support that every child needs. Europe has strict restrictions and regulations on kids footwear therefore every brand in Europe offers wide and narrow shoes in their yearly collection. European shoes offer best ankle support along with orthopedic arches that are build into the rubber sole of every model produced. Arches are contoured into the sole offering best support for little feet. European companies offer best toddler sandals for narrow feet, narrow fit boys shoes and narrow baby boots. Every European orthopedic shoe has all the supportive features that are needed for small developing feet. Good high tops with ankle support is added to every narrow fit toddler sandals to provide optimal support. Toddler heel stays straight in a packet of the sandal keeping little feet supported. Every European manufacturer offers narrow or wide widths in every shoe collection. They are simply the offer the best children shoes for narrow feet. Some of the best European brands that offer wast selection of narrow kids shoes are Bopy, Garvalin, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. Quality shoes are very important for kids since they are forming their feet, body gait and posture. If child wears none orthopedic shoes they will develop orthopedic problems. Pigeon toe, pronation, flat feet in kids, overpronation, supination is caused by wearing none supportive footwear as child. USA is the biggest importer of footwear from China and other low cost countries. The shoes are not supportive and not orthopedic and they destroy and deform your kids feet. Over time child develops pigeon toe, ankle pronation and flat feet that will cause many issues in adulthood. Therefore every European parent only buys European orthopedic shoes for their child. 2 pairs of good supportive shoes are needed for rotation during entire season of 6 months.