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Alleviated ankles pronation support boots

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Brands Murek

Product Code: Bicro Gray

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  • Alleviated ankles pronation support boots kids
    Alleviated meaning collapsed due to wearing low quality shoes
    Boots for toddlers with thick wide feet and ankles pronation.
    Yes, even snow ankles pronation boots for kids are orthopedic in Europe and restorative for ankles pronation.
    The footwear for kids is regulated in every European country.
    It have to be locally made and orthopedic, if it is not, government will shut the company down.
    The shoes for kids are viewed as health product that supports and forms kids feet so they better be supportive.
    No cheap leather could be used - it have to be locally manufactured.
    Soles have to be measured for average width and only orthopedic for a child.
    Every shoe manufacturer in Europe have to follow the rules or be shut down.
    Those ankles pronation boots are super and made in Europe.
    They have it all - all the features of proper ortho ankles pronation snow ankles pronation boots.
    They also do not leak any water or snow - could be worn in crazy weather, rain or deep snow.
    Winter is long and heavy in Europe so they have been tested to stand crazy cold temperatures and snow.
    Try them - you will be shocked how good they held up, and how durable they truly are.
    Those ankles boots are right above the ankles but they are more then enough for cold winter and snow.
    Tongue is protected and lacked so no snow will enter the ankles boots.
    It is our fave brand for snow ankles pronation boots.

    Boots for toddlers with thick wide feet

    Gray leather wool inside snow boots


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