Foot Pronation - Cause and Effect on Feet and Posture

Child foot pronation
is caused by wearing low quality shoes as a child

This condition is sometimes called toddler weak ankles
That is about 90% of the cases within children
10% of pronation occurs in birth when a child is in a cramped position within the womb
Pronation is caused by wearing low footwear with no orthopedic support.
Every child needs
child shoes that cover the ankles with orthopedic arch present
This is a medical fact that has been documented by European
pediatricians in 1950
Over time, a child's legs begin to collapse and
toddler ankles turn inward
Overpronation shoes for youth when a child's feet turn outward therefore every child shoes that stabilize ankles
Shoes form and shape children's posture so in Europe they are viewed as a medical necessity
Every child needs orthopedic kids shoes from the day they start learning to walk
As an adult, the person will end up with perfectly shaped and formed legs and posture

European Footwear for children is regulated by European Ministry of Health and it is totally made in Europe.
Every European producer must make
baby pronation shoes locally and compliant with orthopedic guidelines
This system works well, since European's do not spend money on orthodics, AFO and orthopedic doctors visits.
Parents spent money on good supportive footwear for kids
that are made to highest orthopedic standards.

Weak Ankles Pediatric Treatment in USA

The United States medical system suggests opposite - kids wear none supportive shoes so their ankles are pronated, and then orthodics, AFO, SMO and therapy is sold to make an improvement

It is all designed to make money out of parents and insurance companies - nothing else.
Child orthodics will never fully restore
child's deformed legs, they might only make some minimal improvement
Shoes that stabilize ankles are needed as pediatric ankle pronation treatment
European kids shoes,
pronation sandals for kids, orthopedic school shoes are manufactured to correct any orthopedic conditions
USA does NOT produce orthopedic footwear, neither do Asian countries - only European countries.
Local footwear sold in the USA offer NO orthopedic support of any kind
Any brand sold in USA market is not orthopedic providing no support
Asia does not know how to manufacture footwear properly for children, even for adults.

Just ask yourself - How will boots, sandals or sneakers made out of cheap leather, rubber or synthetic material will provided needed foot support?
The effect is quite opposite - they deform and destroy kids feet and posture overtime. 
The results are pronation, flat feet and pigeon toe syndrome commonly seen in kids
The whole body's weight is supported by legs so their positive growth and development is essential
Children in Europe wear only orthopedic shoes for weak ankles and end up with well formed posture without the need for orthodics or doctors appointments
Footwear manufactured in Europe is expensive - due to their importance and lasting abilities.
Footwear for children are viewed as medical/
developmental need not as fashion statement.
You will improve pronation with these walkers, instead spending money on doctors visits or orthodics.
Good toddler shoes for pronation with profiled soles will form your child feet and properly shape their posture and body gait.

Features and Construction of Good Orthopedic Shoes

Sturdy, leveled ankle support that will not bend in the back when the child is walking, running, and standing.
The ankle will be in the proper position at all times, and it will be well supported.
Anti-sweat soles, with proper orthopedic support give supreme comfort.
Soft, yet supportive rubber soles will feel far better to the child.
These types of shoes should be worn by every child not just those with orthopedic problems

Parent is not saving any money by purchasing cheap footwear for their child since medical treatment will cost far more then orthopedic shoes themselves.
We suggest to get European shoes only, and keep them on your child's 24/7

Only 2 pairs of are needed per the entire season - 5-6 months of wear on average
It is important that you DO NOT ROTATE supportive with those cheap from China because it will be like jojo effect and you never see any improvement.
European kids shoes immediately begun to line up and restore kids legs and cheap one destroy them again.
You see improvement within a 1 year of continuous use and full restoration in 3 years.

Example of Severe Pronation

Look at the VIDEO shows a young woman in her 30's pronated and whole posture is affected.
Her ankles are collapsed and pronated, left shoulder is lower and body gait is compromised.
The disposition is causing her discomfort in her knees and back.
Even how she stands and walks (how she positions her body when walking).
Her internal organs are affected as well since pressure from the spine causes discomfort.
The only solution is to give her orthodics so it would relive some pain.
There is no surgery that could help her to fix the problem since her posture are already developed since she is an adult. 
When she was a child a positive change could be made with supportive orthopedic footwear.
Child's legs stop growing by the age 14-15 so that is short window to make any change from baby to teen.
Once an adult nothing could be done to fix that - no surgery exists to correct pronation.
That is a cause of wearing none supportive walkers as a child and causing legs to become deformed and destroyed.
That is why good footwear is a must for any child, not just those with orthopedic problems!
Cause of child foot pronation and supination

Pronation Effect on the Human Body and Posture

Damage on shoes with feet turning inwards
The Entire body is affected by pronated back, knees, joints because entire body gait shifts.

Adults with pronation will experience constant discomfort in their back, knees, and shoulders because their gait is deformed.

Once an adult, no surgery exists to correct the problem, only orthodics to relive the constant pain. Therefore, supportive sneakers for a child is a good investment since you are preventing many posture problems later in adulthood.

Avoid None Supportive Shoes at All Cost!

Whenever European shoe lines up the foot, the cheap one destroys the line-up (foot alignment) therefore avoid cheap, non-supportive footwear in general. Local non-supportive shoes are all made in China - they are the ones causing toddler flat feet, child ankles turn in, pronation, tip toe and pigeon toes since they do not provide any support. They are made out of cheap materials, and do not provide any support for your child (New Balance, UGS, Merells, Converse, Keens, Crocks, Bugs, Plae, Tsukihosi, Columbia, Apakowa, Strite Rite, Nike, and any other brand sold in USA). No arch support and no support, they are not measured even for the average foot width since they have to be manufactured cheaply. Those types of shoes cause severe foot deformations in children. That is why your child's pronated, pigeon toed and flat footed. Even doctors that prescribe orthodics will not help without well supportive boots. Orthodics will create some improvement, however they will never restore children's legs to healthy condition. Once the body gait shifts (see image below), pain starts in the back, knees, shoulders. It is all preventable in childhood. Thus investing in good and supportive footwear for your child is the best option! Believe us it is money well justified and spent.
None supportive shoes deform posture and body

Child shoes that stabilize ankles

Overpronation shoes for youth