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Treatment and cause of kids foot pronation

Overpronation in kids causes and best shoes

How shoes affect body and feet in kids

Foot pronation is caused by wearing low quality not supportive shoes as a child.
Pronation is caused by wearing low quality pronation boots with no ankle support
Over time child's feet begun to collapse and turn inwards
Overpronation is when kids feet turn outward
That is a cause of none supportive pronation boots child been wearing with no heel support, no arch no proper leather support.
Shoes form and shape kids feet so in Europe they are viewed as medical need for a child.

Child does needs quality orthopedic shoes from the day they start learning to walk.
Every child wears quality pronation boots from baby to teen years.
As an adult person ends up with perfectly shaped and formed feet and posture.
Shoes from China with no support are not even allowed for sale in any of European countries.
Footwear for kids is regulated by European Orthopedic Ministry of Health.
Every producer have to make kids pronation shoes locally in Europe and according to orthopedic guidelines.
This system works well, since Europe does not spends money on orthodics and improving deformed kids feet.
Parents spent money on good shoes for kids instead of orthodics.
USA has opposite system where first kids wear junk shoes so their feet are deformed and then orthodics are sold to make an improvement.
Orthodics will never restore child's deformed feet, only make some improvement.
Proper support is only achieved with proper ankle supportive shoes, boots or sandals that are European made.
USA does not produces orthopedic shoes, neither does China - only European countries.
Local shoes sold in USA are low quality and offer NO orthopedic standards of any kind.
Any brand sold on USA market is junk and made in China.
China does not know how to manufacture footwear properly, even for adults they are low quality shoes.

Child should wear only quality shoes to avoid any orthopedic problems.
Just ask yourself - how does shoes, sandals or sneakers made out of cheap leather, rubber or synthetic material that are cheaply made will support your kids feet?
The effect is quite opposite - they deform them.
Result are deformed feet with pronation, flat feet and pigeon toes - that is a cause of cheap shoes with zero support.
Just think about it - when your feet are growing and forming why would child wear low quality shoes with zero support in a first place?
Whole body weight is supported by feet so you would not think they needs to be good quality ones?

Kids in Europe wear only best shoes and end up with well formed feet without need for orthodics or doctors appointments.
They expensive there as well - we pay for the shoes for kids, we always did in any European country you visit.
Shoes for kids are viewed as developmental need - not a fashion statement in any way.
You will save your kids feet with those shoes, instead spending money on doctors visits or orthodics.
There is no need for that - good shoes with profiled soles, ankle support and watch your child grow healthy and with good feet and posture.

Features and construction of good orthopedic shoes

Weak ankles baby shoes for pronationSturdy, leveled ankle support that will not bend in the back when child is walking, running, standing.
Ankle will be in proper position at all times and well supported.
Anti sweat soles, with proper ortho support.
Soft, yet supportive rubber soles.
Those type of shoes should be worn by every child not just those with ankle problems.
Reason is that shoes provide support for kids feet and form them with their internal features.
Sneakers for toddlers with ankles turning inwards
We suggest to get quality shoes only and keep quality shoes only on your kids feet 24/7.

Only 2 pairs of good shoes are needed per entire season - 5-6 months of wear.
In the long run parent is not saving any money buying cheap shoes for a child since medical foot treatment for deformed feet will cos many times more then shoes themselves.

The images below show how shoes develop and affect child's feet, posture and gait. Remember, is is best to buy 2 pairs of quality supportive shoes per season (6-7 months) then 10 pairs of poorly made ones - 
Watch the video about pronation.

Cause of kids foot pronation and supination

What is ankle pronation?

Has your child been complaining approximately foot and leg pain? Have you observed your baby strolling and jogging in another way? Foot or leg pain is by no means normal, and there are certain steps that you could take which will substantially reduce or absolutely take away the pain. Children with flat toes or rolled ankles, tend to pronate. Too much pronation will affect your child’s body gait and posture. Posture in adulthood will become unbalanced over time and usually pain develops in knees, back, shoulders and feet. Pronation is that makes difficult for child to take a step, which leads your children to putting greater strain on their feet, developing calluses, blisters, and corns, among other foot problems. Foot pronation in kids is a turning outward of the foot ankle, so that one has tendency to walk on the inner border of the foot. This is a static deformity associated with flat feet and sometimes with foot and arch pain.

Major cause of pronation or supination in children are poor quality footwear that does not support the foot in general, ankle joints or stabilize the foot. Babies when they learn to walk and stand are especially at risk to develop pronation since their back foot joints are very soft and sensitive to deformation. In some cases older children (age 3 and up) would be required to wear orthodics to correct the problem along with supportive shoes. However, to prevent any foot deformities from young age child should wear only quality, leather orthopedic shoes so their feet will develop correctly.

How to improve and fix ankle pronation?

Ankle high closed back kids orthopedic sandalsThe only way to target ankle pronation is investing in good quality, ankle supportive corrective shoes. Europe is the only continent that offers such shoes and manufactures them according to high orthopedic standards. Orthopedic shoes from Europe are manufactured according to European Ministry of Health recommendations and orthopedic standards and they are heavy regulated by them. Shoes from Europe are considered the best quality for children in general and they are designed correctly form, develop and support little growing feet and posture. Children shoes from Italy, France Spain, Greece, Germany, Norway, Holland, Poland, Czech Republic and Serbia are only orthopedic ones so do not accept any false substitutes or copies.

In contrast, shoes manufactured in China, even the ones appearing to be quality ones does not offer proper orthopedic support and does not offer any health benefits either. They literally destroy and deform kids feet over time. Any brand that is sold in USA for children is manufactured in China and they are poor quality with zero orthopedic support that every child does need, not just ones with pronation or orthopedic problems. So save your money for 2 pairs of good shoes per season to obtain maximum health benefits. It is important to mention NOT TO ROTATE quality orthopedic shoes with those poorly made ones, because quality shoe immediately align, straighten and support child' foot and cheap ones deforms them again. So basically good shoes on a child 24/7. To prevent pronation buy high top supportive European footwear with orthopedic arch that will properly mold and develop little feet. Quality European shoes are considered best orthodics that you can buy, therefore it is recommended that children wear quality, supportive shoes at all times.

Pronation effects on human body and posture

Pronation in kids first signs Entire body is affected by pronated feet, back, knees, joints because entire body gait shifts.

Adult with ankle pronation will experience constant pain in back, knees, feet because their gait is deformed.

Once and adult, no surgery exists to correct the problem, only orthodics to relive the constant pain. Therefore, quality shoes for a child is a good investment since you preventing many posture and feet problems later in adulthood.

Foot problems are preventable at young age when feet and body is forming!

All foot problems can be prevented when child wears only appropriate supportive shoes from baby to adulthood.
Quality shoes will stop tiptoe, pigeon toes, ankle pronation as kids feet are shaped and aligned by shoes they wear.
European shoes offer appropriate orthopedic support, ankle support, heel support and they shape feet correctly.Feet carry entire body therefore, if they are deformed or pronated entire posture will cause to shift. That is why we advise to every parent to put only quality shoes on their children and not to rotate between low quality not orthopedic ones.

Avoid cheap, none supportive shoes at all cost!

Remember, whatever quality shoe lines up the foot the cheap one destroys the line-up (foot and ankle alignment) therefore avoid cheap none supportive shoes in general. Local none supportive shoes all made in China, Vietnam, Sri Lanka they are the ones causing flat feet, ankle pronation and pigeon toes since they do not provide any support. They are made out of low quality materials and does not provide any support for your child (Keens, Crocks, UGS, Merells, Plae, Stride Rite, Nike, New Balance, and any other brand sold in USA). Those shoes are made out of lowest quality materials and feature no support of any kind. No arch support, no ankle support, they are not measured even for average foot width since they have to be manufactured cheaply. Those type of shoes cause severe foot  deformation in children. All they do is DEFORM kids feet over time. That is why your child is ankle pronated, pigeon toed and flat footed, over time of wearing that is exact effect on those shoes. Even doctors prescribed orthodics will not help without well supportive shoes. Orthodics will create some improvement but never restore kids foot to healthy condition. Never! Body gait shifts (see image below) and then pain starts in feet, back, knees, shoulders. Adult will experience pain their entire life due to deformed feet. It is all preventable when child is growing and their bodies are forming. Thus invest in good supportive shoes for your child! Believe us it is money well justified and spent. In Europe is is prevention and correction of all orthopedic problems with original European made shoes - not copies from China. It is best to buy 2 pairs of quality shoes per season then (5-6 months of wear) then 10 pairs of poorly made ones.

Effect of shoes on kids feet and posture