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Best way to correct kids feet with European ortho shoes

Low quality shoes for kids causing harm and orthopedic problems

Shoes made in China are worst for children

Baby sandals ankle high  Kids shoes with good arches   Toddlers hard bottom shoes

Here is an example of quality shoes and how they exactly support children feet.

- you can correct kids feet with orthopedic shoes
- ankle high supporting entire heel and prevent pronation

- high arches (always added to the soles of the model) no flat correct footwear are ever produced in Europe
- good leather with no traces of Mercury (footwear from China always have traces of mercury in the leather)
- soles measured for average foot with good arch support and traction
- antibacterial innersoles (no sweaty, smelly feet in those correct footwear ever)
- correctly constructed for growing developing feet
- corrective for flat feet, pigeon toes, ankle pronation
- over time will align feet and body gait to correct position since shoes child wears affect not only feet but entire posture
- certified Orthopedic by European Ministry of Health (no other correct footwear is ever produced in Europe but orthopedic ones for all children)


1. Popular kids winter boots with no supportive heel, no orthopedic support, oversized sole that is not fitting child's foot properly. The effects after wearing such boots even one season are pictured below.

Kids boots UGG  Kids boots that are cheap  Cases of kids ankle pronation

2. Popular Summer footwear worn by children cause foot deformity, collapsed ankles, pronation, flat feet and pigeon toes. Those shoes are made out out of rubber, have no orthopedic support, no supportive heel, no breathable, antibacterial innersole. They made out of rubber so the feet perspire and smell. Rubber is a synthetic material that is not breathable nor supportive.

 Children keen sandals   Children crocks summer footwear   Flip flops for girls

3. Soft soled shoes for kids do not support baby's feet in a any way. When child stands up the whole weight of child's body goes to one's feet, therefore ankle support is totally needed.  Shoes below does not offer supportive heel, orthopedic support, rubber flexible sole therefore over time ankles turn and child develops ankle pronation and pigeon toe condition.

Footwear for babies soft soled  New walkers soft leather slippers  Child feet that are pigeon toed

4. Pronation, pigeon toe condition are clear causes of foot deformation caused by low quality shoes worn by children.
Child foot pronation first signs  First signs of overpronation in toddlers

5. Orthopedic shoes provide foot support as well as overall body posture. 

Posture effect and child footwear with arches   Children and ankles turning inwards

6. Check out this VIDEO showing in detail how pronation effect the body, feet, posture and knees. This all can be prevented in adulthood when child wears only appropriate supportive shoes from a baby to a teen. This is why we Europeans put only quality European made correct footwear on our children since they offer appropriate orthopedic support, ankle support, heel support and they shape feet correctly. Feet carry entire body therefore if they are deformed or pronated entire posture will cause it to shift. That is why we advise to every parent to put only quality correct footwear on their children and not to rotate between cheap ones. Remember, whatever quality shoe lines up the foot the cheap one destroys the line-up therefore avoid cheap not supportive correct footwear in general. It is best to buy two pairs of quality shoes per season then 10 pairs of poorly made ones.