Metatarsus Adductus

Did you noticed that your child walks with his toes pointing inwards? Does he/she often trips? This is a painless condition in called Pigeon Toe that developed in the womb due to genetic abnormalities. However, there is an effective none invasive treatment that is used by European specialists since 1950 that easily aligns kids legs and feet into correct position and cure feet permanently. The opposite of in-toeing is out-toe where the feet of a child point outwards.

Pigeon Toe Condition - They are Two Types

Condition is is believed to be 80% genetic but 20% is acquired by wearing ankle soft none supportive footwear.

Feet turning inwards in toddler Metatarsus Adductus Metatarsus Adductus - the foot has a curved, half-moon appearance. The front of the foot is angled in toward the middle, while the back of the foot and ankle are normal. This type normally results from the position the child took in the womb.

Metatarsus Varus  - common in babies who were breech in utero, meaning that they were facing the wrong way in the womb. It also occurs more often in children whose mothers had low levels of amniotic fluid. For some people with the condition, there may be a family history. Children with feet turning inwards always display tibial torsion.

Tibial Torsion - This occurs when the shin bone is twisted causing the foot to turn in even though the kneecaps point forwards. Many times, this is because the leg is rotated inward for the baby’s legs to fit in the mother’s womb during pregnancy.

US Podiatrist Say Toddler will Outgrow the Condition...Will they?

Are you being dismissed by US pediatricians and podiatrists when you inquire about treatment of Metatarsus Adductus for your child? Do you constantly being told that your child will simply outgrow the condition? Well, the truth is they will NOT and condition will continue to get worst putting pressure on feet and posture and with time leads to foot and leg pain. If Metatarsus
Pigeon toe child correction leather bootsAdductus is not treated then with passing tome becomes permanent in adulthood.

That is why it is wise to take proactive approach since and follow recommendation of European podiatrists whom insist on wearing ankle high, leather footwear. The sandals, boots or sneakers have sturdy structure, good arches (molded into the soles) best ankle, joint and foot support. Over a period of time sneakers will align ankles and condition will diminish and then completely disappear!

What Makes European Footwear so Effective?

Firm Heel Counter: Leather reinforced heel support that keeps ankles straight in a packet when child is walking Toddler boots with firm heel counter for pigeon toeinstead pointing inwards.

Outsole: The model I recommend provide light flexible sole, that is fitted and measured on child's foot for a given size. Meaning every sole used for any shoe in Europe is correctly measured - the bigger the size the wider the sole. Size 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 gradually increase in width. This is very important feature since soles make up the whole shoe and they supporting whole foot structure.

Arches: The outsole also features arch support that is molded, contoured into the sole. There is no more leather bumps inside. The bumps are inside the Arches are contoured to child shoe soles soles now. In some brands you can see them on the outside of the shoe and on some they hidden inside but they are definitely present since that is European standard and it is required by Ministry of Health. The technology was updated back in 2005 when Italian manufacturers invented supportive soles where the arch is directly molded into the sole of every model.

Low Quality Brands Corrective? Not Really.....

Don't be fooled by low quality brands such as New Balance, Stride Rite, Apakowa, Cohesion, Nike that are recommended by other websites to be corrective for Metatarsus Adductus. It does not going to happen! Those sneakers do not offer enough ankle support to battle condition nor correctly form kids feet. Pigeon toe not effective sneakers New Balance

The heel is NOT correctly stabilized fitting child's ankles loosely.
They are made in China out of mixture of mash material and some leather, so there is not enough resistance
The soles used are always wide and NOT fitted nor measured for average toddler foot
⋆ Soles does not feature arch support that is need for correction.
⋆ Soles are stiff and rigid and there is no flexibility in them at all.
⋆ Those sneakers are too clunky, heavy and bulky for average kid.
⋆ No antibacterial innersoles so feet sweat in them greatly

Does Metatarsus Adductus in Children will Go Away?

Being proactive in correcting your child's feet at early stage is very important. Observing how your toddler is walking and positioning his/her feet straight in the footwear they been wearing. If the sneakers are low quality condition will progress even further. If condition is neglected then becomes permanent in adulthood and there is NO surgery to correct deformed feet. Child feet are forming up to age 15 and this is only time window parent has to correct any foot issues. Therefore the importance of quality leather supportive sandals, sneakers is a must. In some cases toddler might need custom made orthodics that will support correct bones to align kids feet.

Here are steps that parent should follow:

⋆ Buy 2 pairs of supportive leather footwear for rotation
⋆ Skip on mash material sneakers claiming to be supportive
⋆ It takes 2 years to see improvement
⋆ The smaller the child the faster the change will come

Special Orthodics?

In some cases orthodics might be needed to reduce and eliminate foot stress on kids knees and hip joints. Orthodics needs to be made by licensed professional and never bought in a store or online. Store purchased are not custom fitted on your child's foot and they do not align any bones in his feet therefore there will be no positive effects. Orthodics are used along with supportive sneakers for greater improvement.

Metatarsus Adductus in Adults - they are Permanent!

Metatarsus Adductus in adults will become permanent if it is not properly treated with quality sneakers when a toddler. Kids feet grow up to age 15 and this is the only time window one have to correct any foot problems. Once kid becomes adult any foot condition will stay permanent and with time deteriorate even further affecting person's spine, knees, feet and overall posture. There is no surgery to fix the condition!

Exercises to help with Condition? YES!

They are helpful exercises that you might perform to help with hip, knee and foot alignment.

Do you Know your Child's Correct Foot Size?

It is always best to measure kids feet at the local shoe store but if there is no such option we are more then glad to help. We offer detailed measuring guide that will guide you step by step how to measure your kids feet. We also offer size chart that shows the conversion of European to US sizes. Feel free to email us at any time
and we will help with the best models for your toddler.

What Shoe Size Should You Order?

Always order a shoe that is 1/2 size bigger since it needs about 0.5 inches of growing room
⋆ The best sneakers are with velcro or laces since they stabilize kids feet and line them into correct position.
⋆ Below are benefits that European footwear provide:

They help children to walk with legs and feet straight and close together.

They help prevent your toddler from running with their legs swinging out.

They help prevent your children from tripping and falling.

We have over 22 years experience in fitting children orthopedic issues and we have seen what models work well for those conditions. We also work with podiatrists in the area that sent us kids in need of good supportive sneakers. Over the years we seen hundreds of positive changes and total transformation of kids feet using European sandals. So trust us, we are experts in this field.

Pigeon Toe Correction Shoes for Kids

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