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Good arches baby boots that are ankle high Did you know that healthy leather shoes form children's feet and posture assuring proper growth and foot development. Meaning they shape little bones, joints and ankles into healthy straight position. We call them "orthopedic shoes" in Europe which means they are manufactured according to proven orthopedic standards set by Ministry of Health in European Union. European children shoes are manufactured with guidance of pediatric specialists where they recommend latest improvements and enhancements that will benefit little feet. Quality shoes are recommended for every child not just those with specific orthopedic problems.

Want to Get Rid of Orthopedic Problems | Buy Only European Shoes

The only proven method to get rid of pronation, pigeon toes, in toeing ,bow legs, out toeing, collapsed ankles and decreased foot support in children is through quality well fitted footwear. The smaller the child the faster the positive change will come since their foot muscles are not developed yet. No amounts of orthodics, AFO's, SMO's will do the job like those ankle high walkers!

In Europe shoes are viewed as healthy developmental need, it is not a fashion statement. Therefore European parents buy only European footwear for their children and as a result kids grow without any foot or posture problems.
More money is spent on the shoes then clothes.
Two pairs of good shoes are needed per season for rotation. That is all!

Shoes from China | A Big NO!

Shoes manufactured in China are made out of low grade leather (faux, rubber or plastic) and contains NO orthopedic features of any kind. Leather from China contains various toxic substances like lead and mercury . Quality and craftsmanship is being sacrificed for big corporate profits and therefore every major label imports walkers from low production cost countries.

Low grade sneakers cause various foot deformities. When child walks around with sneakers that have NO structure their ankles begun to turn inwards and pigeon toe along with pronation develops over time. This is caused due to NO ankle support in any of those soft heel sneakers. Cheap none orthopedic sneakers does not offer any structure and cause the foot to flatten over time. Arch is very important in children foot formation as its main factor that holds foot structure and provides balance and alignment.

Avoid local children shoe brands
(Keens, Converse, Crocks, Apakowa, UGGS, Plae, Strite Rite, Tukikoshi, Bugs, Merel, Nike, Sorel, New Balance) are mass produced in Asia. Actually, they deform and destroy kids feet over time.

Footwear for Kids | Quality and Production Costs

In China average cost of production of one pair of kids sneakers is only $3 then imagine the quality of product that you getting after retail markup. Why the shoes that you buy every season smell, fell apart, and give your child discomfort? More importantly, how would they form and benefit your child's feet when quality is none existent? Is that maybe a corporate greed that outsources production jobs to China and forces local customers to settle for pure junk? Why USA footwear brands that used to produced locally closed down moved to China but are still allowed to sell and profit in USA?

European boots, sandals, sneakers are expensive in general since labor, quality materials and manufacture costs are high. Average pay or any leather worker in Europe ranges from 10.20EU to 25EU an hour (varying from country to country) therefore, locals gets paid living wages for quality products they produce. The footwear they produce is made out of best quality leathers (no harmful CFC's), fits well and it is measured and fitted on average child's foot.

Lets Compare | European or Footwear from China?

European Orthopedic Shoes

⋆ best quality leather or canvas Medical features of child orthopedic shoe
arch present (built into the sole or interior lining)
⋆ breathable antibacterial innersole (no sweat)
⋆ offered as narrow or wide soled
⋆ supportive heel packet that it is needed for small children
⋆ flexible rubber soles with traction
⋆ none marking soles made with quality rubber
⋆ light in weight, flexible and not restrictive
⋆ correctly develops posture, ankles and joints
⋆ forms flat feet
and posture

⋆ corrects
pronation, pigeon toes condition,

⋆ prevents tip toeing
due to sturdy heel

⋆ lines ups legs (over time positions the feet straight when walking)

⋆ forms ankles

⋆ they never smell due to breathable antibacterial innersole

⋆ comfort, durability and quality during wear
⋆ hand manufactured according to orthopedic standards
⋆ expensive but healthy and best quality that you can buy

Shoes Made in China

⋆ low quality or faux leather always contains lead and mercury (made in China)Cheap shoes for kids made in China
no antibacterial innersole (feet sweat and smell)
⋆ offered as one width only (often wide)

⋆ no orthopedic arch
⋆ no ankle sturdy heel
⋆ stiff soles with no traction
marking soles due to low quality rubber
⋆ heavy, bulky, stiff and restrictive
⋆ deforms legs, ankles and joints
⋆ diminishes and destroys foot arch

develops pigeon toe condition (ankles turning inwards)
⋆ develops pronation

⋆ develops tip toeing due to soft heel

develops posture problems in adulthood
⋆ inexpensive but over time will deform kids feet

Our Recommendation | Buy Only Quality

We recommend only quality healthy European shoes to avoid further orthopedic problems. Differences between quality and cheap shoes are astonishing and greatly affecting child legs and posture.
Is it worth is to spent $90-100 for kids shoes that last entire 6 months of wear - YES, since they are made according to orthopedic standards that are accepted in all European countries. They are hand stitched, using best leather and best orthopedic soles available on the market today. They are crafted to correctly form your child's feet and assure they have best posture.

You can find big selection of European shoes, sandals, sneakers, boots, slippers in our store. We directly import best footwear from various European countries and currently carry about 60 different shoe brands.

Long Standing Experience | Expertise in European Footwear

We been importing and selling orthopedic shoes from Europe for over 22 years. We are Europeans ourselves who grew up wearing European shoes as children and experienced first hand positive effects of good shoes. We have extensive knowledge and fitting experience of best footwear for children of all ages. Over the years we fitted thousands of kids that were experiencing various orthopedic problems and we seen countless positive changes using European orthopedic shoes.

If you need help to fit your child with best orthopedic shoes, follow the
measuring guidelines and then feel free to email us [email protected].

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