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How to measure kids feet for best fitting shoes?

How to size kids feet for quality shoes

Directions how to measure kids feet properly

Best way to measure kids feet for shoes directions

1. Trace you child's foot on sheet of paper with a pencil.

2. Measure traced copy with a ruler from the biggest toe to the heel.

3. DO NOT add anything extra to measurement. (we always add 1/2 inch of growing room to any size)

3. Provide us with measurement in centimeter or inches.

4. Contact us - info(at)kingashoes(dot)com indicating what type of shoes you like (shoes, boots, sandals, slippers).

5. Tell us if your baby has wide (chubby feet with high instep), regular or very narrow (petite feet). You can easily tell the width since it is based on child's body mass.

6. We will reply within 1 hour with your child's correct size or links to the best type of shoes for your child.

7. We have size chart provided on the site as well. 

8. Please DO NOT email us scanned copies of child's feet since size will never be correct as each printer is aligned differently.

Also, in Europe size conversion does not run the same as they manufactured in different European countries and size to US conversion varies. Also, the sole that is used on a given model determines the actual size. We mention that in detail under shoe description of every model. If they run small we will tell you that if they run big it will be mentioned as well. We sell genuine European made shoes as we import them from Europe ourselves and we been doing it for 19 years.

Majority of shoes sold in USA online are copies, European styled shoes and they are not made in Europe. Problem with those shoes is they look like European shoes but they do not offer proper orthopedic support and fit that child truly needs. They will not help to support child's feet neither restore them into correct position. That is why we do not buy any shoes from any US distributors as they make copies of European shoes in China, Vietnam or Sri Lanka and try to pass them as European Orthopedic Shoes. Genuine shoes made in Europe cost money to manufacture and paying 90-120 Euro is normal. So ask yourself how does $70 "European shoe" sold in USA could be European manufactured if in Europe same model cost 110 Euro. 90% online US retailers sell European styled shoes - not genuine European Orthopedic Shoes that are designed to correctly form and support kids feet and take care of all orthopedic problems.