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Brand: Bopi

Product Code: Luis Brown

Special inserts boys ankle boots recommended by doctor

Ankle boots for kids with special orthopedic inserts
Orthopedic arches are inside molded into the soles of the shoes.
Leather goes on top of the mold and sole supports the foot to perfection.
Sole as opposed to leather never goes flat so child will be walking in quality shoes with good support at all times.
No more build up lining inside since arch is added and molded into the sole of the model.
That way foot is supported at all time since rubber sole never goes flat.
Leather is a soft pliable material so over time arches in shoes decreased and collapsed thus for that reason soles were changed.
Orthopedic best and worn by all the children in France and Europe as well.
Made out of the best quality smooth brown leather.
Handsome brown leather style with cool decorative stripes on the sides.
Best for weak ankles and foot pronation as they feature reinforced ankle support at the heel
When child is walking ankles stay elevated at the heel so pronation will improve and with time disappear.
Made in France out of best leather with reinforced ankle support that will prevent and restore pronated feet and ankles.
Soles with traction so none slip style that is flexible and best to run around.
Soles are sprayed with gray paint giving it ultra cool look, also the dirt will never show on them
Sole is off white and that unique spray makes them suitable for winter.
Ok to wear in a rain or snow - waterproof all the way top quality ankle boots for a child.

Best boots for weak ankles and foot pronation

Waterproof leather ankle supportive boots for boys


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