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Ankle correction high sandals for boys from Europe

Ankle correction sandals for boys from Europe.
Pronating weak ankles best support that would align the posture.
Blue and gray smooth leather.
High back support style for comfort and proper ankle support.
High ankle sandals as those will restore boys feet over time
They offer ankle support and with time proper foot alignment
Orthopedic arches inside, ankle high with reinforced heel for ankle pronation.
Child will never sweat in those sandals either due to special innersoles that absorb sweat from kids feet.
There will be no blisters to kids feet either since they are padded inside.

Wear only high top sandals or shoes as those and European ortho support shoes to see foot improvement
It takes time to deform the foot with low quality shoes and it takes time to restore it.
Once child starts with European ortho shoes, do not rotate between low quality sandals or shoes and those quality ones
Why, since whatever quality shoe aligns the foot into proper position the cheap one destroys it.
Good shoes on kids feet 24/7 just like we do in Europe and we end up with perfect feet and posture
Avoid shoes made in China - any kind sold in USA - Keens, Crocks, Converse,, UGS, Marelles, Bugs, Strite Rite and any other brand out there.
They are not supportive shoes at all - all they do is deform and destroy kids feet and posture.
Child will end up pronated, pigeon toed, tip toe walking in no time.
It is caused by Chinese none supportive shoes.
Those sandals are not just for kids with feet problems, they are for all the children since they are designed to support and form kids feet correctly.
In Europe we place only kind of shoes on children and we end up with well formed feet and best posture.
That is the result of good, supportive shoes worn as  a child.
Spent money on good shoes from Europe as they are the only orthopedic and supportive ones.
USA has a business of orthopedics, AFO, SMO and therapy and it is by design,
They want to maximize their medical profit since in USA medicine is for profit.
More children with deformed feet then more orthodics, SMO and therapy will be sold.
Do not trust USA orthopedic doctors either who claim that quality shoes for a child does not matter.
That is soooooooo not true.
Every doctor and foot specialist in Europe will disagree with that.
Shoes are among most important thing you can buy for your child.
The proof are millions of children with well formed feet and best posture in Europe.
No child is left behind with pronated feet or pigeon toed.
Supportive shoes are worn by children from the day they start walking and continue till teen years.
Their job is to form and shape kids feet correctly not via SMO, AFO, orthodics and other therapy means.
Good supportive shoes are the therapy.

Pronating weak ankles that would align the posture

High back support sandals style comfort and best fit


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