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Ankle pronation best blue house shoes for toddler

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Product Code: Bombowiec Blue

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  • Ankle pronation best house shoes for toddler
    Cool supportive slippers for a toddler.

    Wide width high instep best house ankle shoes for a toddler for ankle pronation.
    Made out of blue plead canvas material featuring a airplane.
    Site clip easy for closure to stabilize the feet and posture.
    Child will never loose them due to that closing.
    Arches present inside leather sole with system that airs out kids feet.
    Sole with ventilation so no stinky feet.
    Slippers best to wear indoors in daycare or house.
    by every foot pediatrician.
    Ankle pronation corrective for a child with collapsed ankles.
    Manufactured since 1980 and generations of kids wore them to support their feet.
    Absolute best for small developing feet since every baby in Europe wears them in a house or daycare.
    They are not only corrective for ankle pronation but great in general for small developing and growing feet.
    They stabilize and support ankles in small children due to special soles that is overlapping the heel.

    Recommended slippers by every pediatrician

    European made canvas shoe for baby boy or girl


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    Annalisa - Wyoming 2014-11-01 20:51:58

    I love those little walkers! They fit wide fit so well that I was amazed myself. Color is adorable and that plane on it just sweet. Inside great support with leather arch - amazing. Love that clip on the side - easy to place it on and they stay on all day long. My son learned to walk in them - he loves them. I just bought another pair size up and pair of shoes and I am trilled to get them! I love your store and quality you sell. Finally, a store that sells true quality in USA not junk from China. THANK YOU FOR THAT - Annalisa