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Ankle pronation fix blue orthopedic girls shoes

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Brands Remut

Product Code: Kunia Navy

  • SKU: 33-258966
  • Ankle pronation fix best orthopedic shoes for kids,
    Special shoes for girls with good arch.
    Navy leather and plain casual shoes that are good for school or daily wear with proper ankle support.
    Imported from Europe, never China since Europe only makes truly ortho shoes for kids.
    Shoes are made according to Pediatric Orthopedic Ministry of Health.
    Every manufacturer in Europe have to follow them or be shut down.
    No low quality shoes for kids ever hit any store shelves in Europe.
    They simply not allowed, even if so parent will not buy them
    Why, every parent in Europe knows that shoes form kids feet and it is ultra important to buy only best shoes for kids.

    Special shoes for girls with good arch

    Navy leather toddler orthopedic shoes


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    Sierra - mom from Nevada 2013-10-12 12:48:37

    Just got them! Arches inside of them like pillows! They fit my daughter so nice and she liked them instantly. The craft on that shoe is amazing, they are so well made. It just makes me wonder that Europeans can produce such quality and we here in USA are only left with cheap chinese shoes. Why can I buy American made shoes for my kid? I assume they would cost the same as European ones but at least I will be supporting my own people and local manufacturing. Still happy with them though.....

    Marty C - from CA 2012-08-07 17:40:09

    Best school shoes that I ever bought for my child! The quality and manufacture on this model is best to none! I had no clue Polish people make such shoes for kids. I had sandals from that label in the Summer and I literally was overwhelmed with quality and durability of those shoes! My daughter wore them non-stop everyday and she did not wanted to even hear about wearing any other pair. After 5 months of non-stop wear they looked worn but still in tact and OK to pass them down to her cousin. Wonderful brand.....highly recommend them to other moms.