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Ankle pronation tip toe stop boys shoes

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    Ankle pronation tip toe stop kids shoes

    Even occurs in bigger children - why since they never had supportive shoes to stop the ankle pronation condition.

    Never buy soft sneakers with no heel or ortho support that creates ankle pronation in kids. 

    They have to have stiff soles, high back and good arches present.

    Over time ankle pronation stops and the tip toe walking if child experiences that will subside. 

    Correcting that at small child is a breeze with good sneakers.

    Those shoes are like BMW of a child shoe.

    High arch good support medical ankle pronation shoes for boys

    Good arch ankle support high arch sneakers boys

    Rounded toe for comfortable fit and good ankle support.

    Good stiff soles for walking and high back packets for appropriate ankle support.
    Avoid local shoes made in China - any kind you see in the department store -
    Sneakers made in China are soft in the heel and no ankle support and offer no support of any kind.
    No arch support, no ankle support no orthopedic arches - over time they destroy and deform kids feet.
    Kids walk around with ankle pronation and parents think that is normal and goes away.
    Actually it does not - makes the condition even worst since whole body gait shifts in a process and then pain in the back, feet, knees develops.
    All local shoes sold in USA are the worst of the worst since they are not manufactured according to orthopedic standards.

    Problem is there is no standards - but cheap shoes made in China for less then $3.00 a pair and then turned around and sold for $50-$60 a pair.
    Profit is made but zero support and your child stays with deformed feet.
    All the popular brands - Nike, UGS, Sorel, Keens, Addidas - zero orthopedic support - worst shoes that child can wear as they have zero ankle support, zero orthopedic support.
    Kids feet collapse in those shoes, ankle deforms, muscles tighten, and foot deforms completely.
    Remember, all orthopedic problems are caused by none supportive shoes for a child.

    Therefore, invest in good shoes for your child - as European made shoes are the only orthopedic ones.

    Good arch ankle support high arch shoes boys

    Medical supportive sneakers for boys


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