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Toe fix toddler shoes ankle stable high tops

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Brands Krakus

Product Code: Fiesta Gray

  • SKU: 22-22
  • Ankle stable toe fix baby shoes
    Best soles stable for child with weak ankles and flat feet
    Best for any season with best arches inside.
    True corrective high top boot for a child
    Arches like inflated pillows present in the soles.

    Top quality made with excellent ortho support
    Made out of gray and lime leather and soft soles
    Great arch support and heel support for toe walkers.
    Waterproof leather high tops with best support.
    Lovely shoes, honestly they are original made in Europe.
    Shoes are ultra important for any child they form and support their feet, posture, gait body alignment.
    You can only form them when child is growing.
    Once an adult feet are already formed and all the orthopedic problems will be present entire life.
    No surgery exists to correct the problem.
    That is why in Europe we only buy such shoes for our children.
    We do pay great money for them as well and it is worth it.
    Person with deformed feet will experience pain in their feet, their knees, back and whole posture shifts due to deformed feet.
    Only Europe makes orthopedic shoes in all the European countries since no cheap shoes are allowed.

    Good arch high support child shoes

    Flat foot best orthopedic support boots for a toddler


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