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Ankle support leather boys walking shoes

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Brands Dawid

Product Code: Perez Gray

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  • Ankle support boys walking shoes
    boots for boots
    Gray leather with orange.
    Original style hot boot for a child.
    Velcro close.
    This boot has it all that quality shoe should have.
    Heel support for pronation, ortho arches, good soles.
    They will never sweat in those boots due to special soles.
    They never leak water either so ok to wear them in a rain.
    Best ortho boots only come from Europe - not China.
    China does not know what ortho shoe even is.
    Avoid low quality boots for your child since they deform kids feet.
    Majority of kids feet problems come from low junk shoes with no support.
    Kids feet are growing and forming and you can only do that with quality shoes - nothing else.
    Investing in top shoe is like investing in your feet, posture, body gait and spine.
    They are all affected if crap shoes are worn.
    We Europeans never wear junk shoes for our kids and for us - always quality and locally made in Europe.

    Orthopedic boys walking boots

    High tops for boys with heel support


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    Jason C, NC 2019-10-25 00:02:38

    Superb quality, orthopedic support at its best.