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House shoes for kids with arches preventive for pronation

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Brands Bopi

Product Code: Ababord Blue

  • SKU: 451245
  • Ankle support arch corrective house shoes for kids
    Quality corrective house shoes for a toddler from France.

    Heel supportive for pronation and flat feet
    Velour slippers for a child with arches.
    Decorated with pirate and parrot
    Velcro closure.
    Ankles will not pronated in those house shoes.
    Have heel support for proper ankle alignment.
    Leather soles for none smelly feet.
    Perfect everyday slipper for a boy or girl.
    They run small so order size bigger.

    Quality corrective house shoes for a toddler from France

    High arch house shoes for kids


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    Ludmila S from Russia 2016-04-09 23:02:39

    My son wears them everyday, now with socks and in the summer without. Perfect house-shoes. I have been a client for 4 years now and every pair of shoes I ever ordered worked out great. Never had to return anything. I will continue to buy from you. Thanks very much - Ludmila.

    Miriam - Palm Beach 2016-04-07 01:26:24

    I got them for my son 4 months ago and he still wears them fine. My son wears them without any socks and no smelly feet, or discomfort. Support is there with visible arch...

    Loni D - Oklahoma, US 2016-04-02 23:36:39

    My boy's favorite slippers by far...durable like hell...worth the price. He never complained of any discomfort either. Quality and all - French made. Will buy that brand again.