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Ankle support girls walking shoes
Foot restoring shoes for a child with actual support
Leather shoes with actual ortho support
Have ankle support that will not fold
Great arches present in the soles, not lining of the shoe
New technology used by best manufacturers in Europe today.
Will support and restore foot over time.
Wear only quality shoes on your child if you want to see improvement
Quality shoes align kids feet and sets them in proper position.
You will see a difference in about a year or so.
Do not buy cheap none supportive shoes with syntheric leather or lining.
They are junk shoes that cause harm to your child foot.

Weak ankle corrective shoes

Superior quality shoes for casual wear


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Sabina C - Potomac, US 2013-09-05 10:21:50

Great shoes with fantastic colors and fit....arch support is phenomenal and clearly visible in a shoe...that is what I wanted, quality shoes for a kids that would form her foot.

Rene from NY 2012-08-15 22:15:53

Wonderful! Quality all the way. Thank you.

Janice D - Winnetka IL 2012-07-08 01:10:53

I ordered those for Fall season already before they sell out and I am glad I did. I got them size bigger for my kid to wear later. First of all, this shoe is BEAUTIFUL! Stylish and appealing for any girl to wear. It will match perfectly any Fall outfit. The leather is superb and they have excellent arch support in them. I am truly pleased with that shoe and I am sure we will wear them entire Fall season. This is by far my favorite store to shop for my kids shoes. Janice