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Ankle support navy high tops for infant boy

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Manufacturer Biomecanics

Product Code: Lol Navy

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  • Ankle support high tops for small baby walker
    Dressy navy leather ankle shoes for baby boy
    Supportive, good orthopedic walking infant baby ankle shoes.
    Ultra soft walking baby soles best to prevent ankle pronation in toddlers.
    Heel stays on the back of the shoe in a special packet to support baby heel.
    That prevents ankles from deforming them.
    Great stable walking ankle shoes for a baby.
    Made in Spain out of best leather for baby.
    Best quality ankle shoes for a small baby that you can buy.
    Baby will not sweat in those ankle walkers.
    Proper baby ankle shoes, simply the best ones that you can buy.
    Shoes form and shape kids feet so in Europe they are viewed as medical need for a child.
    Every child wears quality ankle pronation baby ankle shoes from baby to teen years.
    As an adult person ends up with perfectly shaped and formed feet and posture.
    Shoes from China with no support are not even allowed for sale in any of European countries.
    Footwear for kids is regulated by European Orthopedic Ministry of Health.
    Every producer have to make kids pronation boots locally and according to orthopedic guidelines.
    This system works well since Europe does not spends money on orthodics and improving deformed kids feet.
    Parents spent money on good shoes for kids instead of orthodics.
    USA has opposite system where first kids wear junk boots so their feet are deformed and then orthodics are sold to make an improvement.
    Orthodics will never restore child's deformed feet, only make some improvement.
    Proper support is only achieved with proper ankle supportive ankle shoes or sandals that are European made.
    USA does not produces orthopedic shoes, neither does China - only European countries.
    Ankle shoes are expensive there as well but they properly made.
    Best leather is used, orthopedic support present, ankle support evident.
    Child should wear only such shoes to avoid any orthopedic problems.
    Just ask yourself - how does boots made out of cheap leather, rubber or synthetic material that are cheaply made will support your kids feet?
    The effect is quite opposite - they deform them.
    Any brand sold on USA market is junk and made in China.

    China does not know how to manufacture boots properly, even for adults they are low quality shoes.
    We Europeans never buy their product since quality is none existent.
    Therefore don't think pronation boots as pronation boots for kids - think proper foot development and good posture.
    Those cute pronation boots are clear example how quality shoes should be made.

    Proper ankle support, none sweat soles.

    Manufactured in Europe by qualified company whom produces quality shoes only

    Those boots feature it all that should be present in quality high tops for kids.
    Best medical corrective shoes that you can buy for your child.
    Sturdy, leveled ankle support that will not bend in the back when child is walking, running, standing.
    Ankle will be in proper position at all times and well supported.
    Anti sweat soles, with proper ortho support.
    Those type of boots should be worn by every child not just those with ankle problems.
    Reason is that shoes provide support for kids feet and form them with their internal features.
    If child wears cheap shoes or boots she will end up with feet problems that is a guaranteed.
    That is why shoes made in Europe are always supportive and orthopedic.
    Why cause your child to have deformed feet with cheap shoes?
    We suggest to get quality shoes only and keep quality shoes only on your kids feet 24/7.
    Only 2 pairs of good shoes are needed per entire season - 5-6 months of wear.
    In the long run parent is not saving any money buying cheap shoes for a child since medical foot treatment for deformed feet will cos many times more then shoes themselves.

    That is why European parents never buy cheap shoes for their kids.

    All ankle shoes produced have to be quality, orthopedic with best support.
    They correctly form and support kids feet assuring proper foot development.
    Crocks, Keens, cheap sneakers, any local brand sole in USA is not supportive.
    They are not made in USA but in cheap production countries who have no idea what supportive shoe even is.
    Result are deformed feet with pronation, flat feet and pigeon toes - that is a cause of cheap shoes with zero support.
    Local shoes sold in USA are low quality and offer NO orthopedic standards of any kind.
    Just think about it - when your feet are growing and forming why would child wear low quality shoes with zero support in a first place?
    Whole body weight is supported by feet so you would not think they needs to be good quality ones?

    Kids in Europe wear only best shoes and end up with well formed feet without need for orthodics or doctors appointments.
    They expensive there as well - we pay for the shoes for kids, we always did in any European country you visit.
    Ankle shoes for kids are viewed as developmental need - not a fashion statement in any way.
    You will save your kids feet with those shoes, instead spending money on doctors visits or orthodics.
    We do not have business of orthodics in any European country like USA does.
    There is no need for that - good shoes with profiled soles, ankle support and watch your child grow healthy and with good feet and posture.

    Ultra soft child ankle support shoes

    Easy slip on style that stays on little feet


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