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Brand: Biomecanics

Product Code: Portland Navy

Ankles turning in best toddler leather boots

Ankles turning in best corrective toddler leather boots.
Manufactured in Spain out of quality leather.
Biomechanical heel support and sole present.
Best leather boots for a boys with ankle, orthopedic arch and heel support
Made out of navy leather and closes with frontal velcros.
Velcro adjusted and you can control how tight around the ankle that boot stays.
They basically stabilize kids feet and ankles.
Type of ankle boot that every child should wear as they best foot forming walkers.
Over time they will reshape kids feet and ankle turning collapsing will disappear.
Over time condition improves and disappears.
How, you ask,
Since kids feet are shaped by shoes they wear.
Those boots have excellent orthopedic addition to supportive sneakers or slippers for the season.
Millions of kids grew up on the in Europe wearing such quality boots and they end up with well formed feet and posture. 
Skip on the shoes made in China, they are the worst for kids feet.
If your child is pronated and pigeon toed that is caused by wearing shoes with no support.

Boots for a boy with proper ankle support

Stable supportive ankle boots for a child


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