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Brand: Bopi

Product Code: Lucjan Blue

Boys shoes that help to correct ankles turning inwards

Ankles turning inwards walking shoes for boys
It is a perfect cross between shoes and sandals to wear in a Summer.
No blisters in those shoes or smelly feet ever.
We been ordering them from France for 22 years now.
Proper heel support that keep the heel in the packet at all times.
Sporty gray sneakers perfect for all seasonal wear for a boy.
Made in France out of best leather with style and support.
Navy leather with brown and beige nubuck leather stripes.
Velcro closure on the instep of the shoe.
No sweaty feet ever in those shoes - special anti-sweat absorb soles.
Could be worn barefoot.
Proper shoes for a child that will form and support his feet.
Orthopedic arches added to the sole of the model since no flat shoes are ever produced in Europe.
Technology was changed back in 1990 to mold the soles and offer orthopedic support.
Soles are manufactured in Europe not India or China since they contour to kids foot giving it proper support.
Leather lining inside goes on the top of the sole with antibacterial innersoles.
Quality orthopedic shoes only as those will develop your child's foot correctly.
That is why we avoid shoes made in low cost countries since they are cheaply made and does not offer foot support of any kind.
Europe produces best shoes only that support kids feet  - and that is a fact.

Good support boys leather shoes for boys

Quality shoes for kids made in France


Justyna Z, Palos Hills IL  -  14/02/2021

Nice soft leather, great fit and support built into the sole of the model. I have been buying him European shoes since my son was a baby and child does have perfect feet. No ankle pronation, no pigeon toes, no flat feet..... When I see all the kids in his school and how deform their feet are...I want to comment to their parents but then...it is not my business or place to say anything. Shoes are very important for child's foot development and quality shoes play a major role in that...but no local USA pediatrician knows that.........they all say soft shoes for a child with no support. Really??? Total idiots....

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