Anti sweat girls sneakers with arches

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Anti smell kids sneakers with arches
Yes, those sneakers do not smell either, they are anti smell.
Did you know that all European made shoes have anti smell insoles in them
Special anti smell innersoles with antibacterial lining are added to every European made shoes
Kids feet perspire a lot in any shoes so those innersoles that are anti smell are definitely needed.
They are added to every shoes manufactured in Europe.
Even if child wears sneakers with no socks they will never anti smell.
Only sneakers made in China smell since they are made out of low quality materials.
Crocks, Keens, cheap flip flops, cheap sandals from low cost countries will smell
Kids feet sweat in those sneakers and will greatly smell.
It is all about those innersoles that are anti smell.
Leather is cheaply made, not processed well, or rubber low quality possible so that is why kids feet smell in any cheap sneakers.
And they perspire in those cheap sneakers - the feet will always smell since they never anti smell.
Why, kids feet perspire more then adults and good leather shoes with anti sweat soles are needed.
Only Europe produces sneakers that have those features and anti smell shoes.
Avoid cheap shoes that do smell for your child since they will cause many foot problems in long run.
We in Europe spent money on kids sneakers, from the day they start walking till teen years.
Two pairs are needed for each season, good shoes those that do not smell with innersoles that do not smell.
Why, since we view them as health product, not a fashion.
Adults in Europe and kids as well do not walk around with fallen ankles and pigeon toes.
Observe folks on the street when you visit any European country.

Who among us does not know the problem of sweaty feet?

The heat and the plastic shoe in which the foot floats is one of the less pleasant summer memories. However, there are people who, regardless of the season and quality of footwear, struggle with eternally wet feet, the smell of which scares even the owner. The problem of sweaty feet can take on a morbid form and at some point you need to decide on treatment. It is worth knowing, however, that sweating feet has its causes and by finding the source of the problem you should start fighting with a wet foot.

Why do the feet sweat?

Sweating is a natural physiological process. The feet and hands sweat the most because these are the places where the most sweat glands are found. Sometimes, however, that the feet sweat so much that you can not feel at ease in your own skin. Most often, sweating feet is a symptom of other diseases of the body, and therefore it is worth having a doctor look at the problem. Intense sweating of the feet is often caused by body disorders, metabolic diseases (e.g. diabetes, hyperthyroidism), neurological diseases, some infectious diseases and hormonal disorders - especially during puberty and puberty. The cause of excessive sweating can also be deep stress, neurosis, emotional disorders. The cause of sweating can be an inadequate diet, including eating spicy foods and spices. Sweating also appears due to wearing artificial fiber socks (they intensify sweating and permanently store an unpleasant smell that the washing does not remove), all day walking in artificial plastic shoes, impermeable fibers and lack of foot hygiene. In children it is frequently caused by cheap shoes that are not made with natural leather. European stop smell shoes offer breathable innersoles that absorb sweat from kids feet so they do not walk around with wet moist feet.

How to care for sweating feet?

Every day, we wash our feet, rub off the rough skin (it also stores the bad smell of sweat) and put on clean, cotton socks or tights. Set the damp stop smell shoes aside to dry properly. We use anti-bacterial foot deodorants every day. Socks with the addition of special carbon fibers that absorb the bad smell are also available. You should also try seagrass inserts or herbs that neutralize the smell of sweat.

Sneakers for girls that do not smell with arches

Ankle support best shoes for girls


Lilian from Chicago  -  04/10/2020

Great quality sporty shoes. We got them for Fall and they perfect in every way. Support is top notch and quality superior. Thanks,

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