Boys ankle high boots for anti toe walking

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Brand: Remut

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Anti toe walking high tops
Best toe correcting boots that you can buy for a child.
They feature it all - orthopedic arches, ankle support, proper foot forming features inside.
Orthopedic best as they should be for every child - not just those with orthopedic problems.
Did you know that kids develop feet problems due to local cheap shoes that are available in USA market?
Did you know they are all made in China cheaply with lowest quality materials available.
Did you know that they feature no orthopedic support for any kind and all they do is deform kids feet?
Did you know that cheap shoes from China are banned for sale in Europe since they deform and destroy kids feet.
Any brand you name it - New Balance, Keens, Mereles, UGS, Crocks, any sneakers, any shoes - all junk made in China.
Cost on manufacture of those shoes in China is less then $3.
So tell us what kind of shoes and what kind of quality can you get for $3?
Sad part is that they are sold for $40, $50, $60 so profit is made but quality none existent.
Those are all facts that are not disclosed to USA parents.
USA medicine is for profit so more kids with deformed feet destined for orthodics and foot specialist visits.
Medical orthodics will create some improvement but only with usage of proper shoes.
Orthodics by itself make no difference at all.
Child needs ankle support, orthopedic arch and proper sole for good foot development.
It is easy to deform kids feet but it takes time to see improvement.
Improvement only achievable with quality shoes as those.
That is why we call them orthopedic shoes.
Every child wears them in Europe and they end up with great formed feet and posture.

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