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Anti toe purple walking shoes for kids

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Product Code: Pari Purple

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    Anti toe walking shoes for kids
    High arch high tops shoes for a baby girls.
    Stable shoes will prevent tip toe walking in a child
    They feature sturdy reinforced heel counter that keeps feet sturdy and ankle supportive.
    Soles are soft but ankle supportive and that is what is needed for tip toe walking stop shoe.
    Just make sure you rotate the with quality shoes only.
    Orthopedic shoes align kids feet - only those made in Europe.
    Avoid cheap shoes at all cost as they deform kids feet.
    Whatever quality shoe does to the foot the cheap none orthopedic ones destroys the ankle line up and you never see improvement.
    Child only needs 2 pairs of good shoes for rotation for whole season of 5-6 months.
    Those shoes will take care of all orthopedic problems and at the same time prevent any future problems
    That is why we place only quality shoes as those on all children.
    We do not put any cheap shoes from China on any child in Europe.
    Reason being is that we have none.
    Shoes for kids are regulated by Ministry of Health and they are considered a health developmental product
    Therefore every factory in Europe is regulated by dept of health.
    Just to make sure that no cheap shoes from China ever hit the market.
    Prevention of any orthopedic issues is a key here and we been doing it with those shoes for over 50 years
    No child is Europe is pronated or pigeon toed since they start with good shoes and continue till their teen years.
    Those shoes are purple and fuchsia in leather and decorated with a bow.
    Cute high top walking shoes for kids.
    Visible arches for ortho support they should be for every child.
    Good grip soles so child will not slip in them ever.
    Ok to wear barefoot stretch them first with socks.

    High arch high tops shoes for a baby girls

    Cute high top walking shoes for kids


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