Babies feet turning inwards corrective shoes

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Brand: Murek

Product Code: Walek Brown

Babies feet turning inwards corrective shoes
Brown leather wide toddler snow boots for baby
High arch orthopedic snow boots for toddlers prevents inwards turning.
Weightless and extra soft snow boots for Winter season.
Quality lamb leather used best for foot inwards turning.
Brown in color with a hint of red.
Durable and totally waterproof will never leak water
Sheep wool inside for warmth.
Arches added to the sole of the boot to prevent inwards turning.
Heel is supported and reinforced so babies feet will not be turning inwards.
They are complete opposite to local snow boots made in China.
UGS, Sorrel, Bugs will destroy your babies feet and cause huge damage to their feet.
That is why their feet turning inwards due to no heel support.
Wear only quality snow boots as those for your baby - orthopedic, designed and made in Europe.
Approved by every European orthopedic doctor to prevent inwards turning of the foot.

This boot is lined with wool so order size up.

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Daisy C - Northbrook,IL  -  04/09/2020

I like them for my son. Real wool and they are light in weight, waterproof and top quality. Love those leather boots - they are my favorites for the snow boots.

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