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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Balia Navy

Baby girls pigeon toes weak ankles shoes

Baby arch support shoes for weak ankles
Ankles collapsing best toddler shoes
Pigeon toe corrective leather shoes.
High arch toddler walking shoes from Europe.
Stylish girl's t-strap navy girl shoes with red flowers.
Type of shoe that will align child's feet over time.
Wear only quality shoes if you want o see results.
Kids feet are forming due to shoes they wear.
Thus avoid cheap, flimsy shoes at all cost.
Over time baby will develop flat feet, ankle pronation and pigeon toes
Shoes in China cause foot deformation in children.
Every foot doctor will confirm that in Europe.
Only in USA cheap shoes are sold in stores.
Why, so orthodics can be sold later.
Orthodics will create some improvement but never restore little foot to healthy condition.
Majority of orthopedic problems are corrected with orthopedic shoes for children.
In Europe every child wears them and children do not develop any orthopedic issues.

Navy girls leather orthopedic shoes for walking

High arch baby walking shoes


Ann Marie, Kathy, TX  -  09/05/2021

Adorable, elegant shoes for a child with actual support inside. Trilled to find this site with truly quality shoes. I got those shoes, slippers with a clip, high top sandals and I love them all. Will be loyal client!

A.C from Atlanta  -  13/04/2020

Wonderful quality is a true understatement! Best shoe I ever got for my baby. Been buying Naturino shoes but those top them all...my new favorite brand for my girl. Arch support inside like inflated beach balls...wonderful, soft and supportive.

Jessica, Washington DC  -  04/02/2020

Perfection at its best! It is truly a shame that Europe can produce such quality and we in USA all can buy is cheaply made shoes with no support. I got those shoes by recommendation of my doctor since my daughters feet begun to turn inwards. She walks in them better already but I see a clear difference in quality and fit. It is like night and day compare to the StrideRite shoes she had as I baby (they made in China of course). She never had any other shoes on and I can confirm they deformed her feet since they have zero support. This folks are very helpful and sent me a perfect size with a growing room. Support is wonderful and those shoes are adorable. Will be a client for years now. Best store to buy shoes from in USA.

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