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Baby best walking isandals n multicolored leather

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Brands Bopi

Product Code: Asta Multi

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    Baby best walking sandals with high arch
    Arch support is added to the sole of every model that is made in Europe.
    There is no such thing as flat shoes in Europe.
    Those little flower filled sandals are lovely.
    Even the straps on the front of the toes are padded
    Those straps will not bother any baby and toes will not come out.
    The straps are positioned perfectly so the toes stay in the shoes.
    No blisters either or any kind of discomfort.
    Flower leather decorated - will match just about anything.
    High top, stabilizing weak ankles and providing needed support.
    None sweat soles present with proper orthopedic support.
    Flexible rubber soles for kids for stable walking or learning to walk.
    Made in France out of best quality leather and possible best fit.
    Baby best walking shoes with high arch.
    Made out of multicolored patent 100% leather.
    Easy on and off with velcros.
    They will never sweat on kids feet.
     Good grip walking rubber pink sole with traction for stable walking and support.
    Absolute best shoes for a child learning to walk
    Only shoes made in Europe are orthopedic with support - since the footwear there is regulated by European Ministry of Health.

    Excellent orthopedic arch for kids

    Flat foot best support baby shoes


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