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Baby boys sturdy support shoes
Corrective baby shoes for boys with high arches.
Tip toe walkers with weak ankles for kids
Made out brown leather with easy velcro close.
Perfect for kids with high instep.
Proper tip toe walking stop baby shoes for a child.
They are sturdy, stiff ankle supportive best for a child.
Over time child will stop tip toe walking with those baby shoes as ankles will re-align into proper alignment.
You can only get that with proper orthopedic baby shoes as those.
That is why Europeans only make best baby shoes for kids as they need proper support
Feet are shaped by baby shoes that child wears.
They cost money in Europe as well and we pay for them good money there.
They are made well and baby shoes are viewed as developmental need.

Corrective shoes for boys with high arches.

Good arch ankle support boys shoes


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Sandra - 2014-01-14 14:03:41

I had that exact shoe in a blue last year and they were GREAT! My son wore them non stop, every day and he did not wanted other shoes to wear ever. They hold up so well that I had to buy a brown ones this year. We also had sandals from you and they were worn to death. I can see clearly that my son does not turn his feet inwards anymore. There is wonderful support in those shoes and they made really well. Thank you for helping me to choose the best pair for my son - they made a huge difference in his walk and how they lined up his feet. Thank you and God Bless...