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  • Baby feet turned out best correction shoes
  • Casual toddler boy leather shoes or sandal for high instep feet
  • Orthopedic shoes for a child with fallen arches and collapsed feet
  • Flat foot support best since they truly orthopedic shoes for your child.
  • Ankle support best for weak pronated ankles.
  • Kids feet are affected greatly by shoes they wear that is why it is important to put best quality shoes on your child's feet
  • In Europe only best quality shoes are manufactured and sold to families.
  • No cheap shoes from China with zero support.
  • Why? Every parent and medical professional knows that shoes affect child's feet, posture and body gait so if junk shoes are used child will end up with deformed feet.
  • Pigeon toes, toe in, pronation, flat feet is caused in children by wearing soft none supportive shoes.
  • Baby is born with pudgy feet and once it starts standing and beginning to walk quality shoes are needed. It is a crucial time to put absolute best shoes on your child.
  • Shoes have to be high at the heel, supportive with arches, heel support and soft yet supportive.
  • European shoes as those are only orthopedic ones, no cheap shoes with no support is ever manufactured in Europe.
  • Yes, they are expensive but much less then paying later for orthopedic visits, orthodics and surgeries later.
  • Quality shoes are a key to posture and good formed feet.

Orthopedic shoes for a child with fallen arches

Flat foot support girls shoes with arches


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