Baby feet turned out best correction shoes

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Baby feet turned out best correction shoes
Proper ankle high supportive shoes with reinforced ankle support.
Casual toddler boy leather shoes or sandal for high instep feet
Orthopedic shoes for a child with fallen arches and collapsed feet
Flat foot support best since they truly orthopedic shoes for your child.
Ankle support best for weak pronated ankles.
Kids feet are affected greatly by shoes they wear that is why it is important to put best quality shoes on your child's feet
In Europe only best quality shoes are manufactured and sold to families.
No cheap shoes from China with zero support.
Every parent and medical professional knows that shoes affect child's feet, posture and body gait so if junk shoes are used child will end up with deformed feet.
Pigeon toes, toe in, pronation, flat feet is caused in children by wearing soft none supportive shoes.
Baby is born with pudgy feet and once it starts standing and beginning to walk quality shoes are needed.
It is a crucial time to put absolute best shoes on your child.
Shoes have to be high at the heel, supportive with arches, ankle high with reinforced support.
If child wears soft shoes or junk shoes type of Stride Rite, Crocks, Keens, Tukikosi, UGS and other Chinese made garbage they will end up with orthopedic problems.
Cheap shoes from China destroy and deform kids feet - nothing else.
Shoes from China are not measured at the soles, does not offer orthopedic support, they are not ankle high with reinforced support.
Wearing such cheap shoes over time grantees child feet to become pigeon toed or pronated.
That is why shoes from China are not allowed for sale in Europe.
The reason why is shoes for kids are considered developmental need so they have to be orthopedic.
Orthopedic means they support, correct and develop kids feet into healthy position.
Thus no pronation, no pigeon toes, no tip toe walking, no collapsed ankles.
There is no therapy in Europe for feet like in USA - orthopedic shoes are the therapy since they support and form little feet and posture.
European shoes as those are only orthopedic ones, no cheap shoes with no support is ever manufactured in Europe.
Yes, they are expensive but much less then paying later for orthopedic visits, orthodics and surgeries later.
USA pediatricians and foot doctors run extortion racket in USA by telling parents that cheap shoes are ok to wear and they do not affect kids feet.
That is NOT TRUE!
They tell parents that child will grow out of pigeon toes or pronated feet - how? It will never happen only becomes worst with time.
It is like they prepping little customers for orthodics, AFO, SMO and therapy that will not improve kids feet in a long run but create extra cost for parents.
This is why we call this medical extortion rackets because in reality it truly is.
If you visit Europe or any doctor there first thing they notice what kind of shoes your child wears and conform importance of good orthopedic shoes for a child.
Quality shoes are a key to posture and good formed feet and every doctor in Europe will conform it.
Shoes in Europe cost great as well - but it is money well justified and spent.
Parent is investing in their kids feet, posture, knees, back and body gait that will be affected if cheap shoes are worn.
In Europe there is no problems with pigeon toes, pronation, tip toe walking since good shoes as those will correct the problem in no time.

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