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Brand: Dawid

Product Code: Turek Blue

Baby boys first ankle best walking shoes

Baby first walking shoes with support.
Medical corrective shoes for kids.
Good leather arch support shoes for boys or girls.
Made out of two tone blue leather.
True ortho support baby boots.
Proper support that is needed for kids feet.
Reinforced ankle support that is needed for proper foot alignment and preventive pronation
Will correctly support foot and prevent and cure many feet problems
Orthopedic arches are added into the soles of the model since all the shoes in Europe are manufactured like that in Europe.
Arches are molded into the soles of the model since rubber sole never goes flat.
Leather lining is added on top of it for comfort of a child.
None swear antibacterial soles are added so child can be comfortable in them.
Child feet sweat more then adults so those innersoles are definitely need.
Those ankle boots is an example of best toddler shoe that every baby needs not just those with orthopedic problems.
Feet in children are form by the type of shoes they wear so it is important they start with best shoes possible.
In Europe only best shoes are produced since they viewed as medical need for every child.
Why, kids feet need best shoes so their feet will form correctly.
Thus in Europe only best shoes are made for children.
Please Note this style runs small so order size up

Medical corrective shoes for kids

Flat feet best corrective boots


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