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Black patent quality girls dress shoes

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Product Code: Friza Black

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    Baby girl new black patent leather dress shoes
    Special occasion leather shoes for toddler with good arch
    Kids shoes to stop tippy toe walking since they high ankle supportive.
    Heel supportive with reinforced heel for baby walking shoes.
    Black patent leather with hint of gold accent.
    Decorated with matching side leather flower.
    Proper ortho arches inside with good leather ankle support.
    Anti sweat soles present and proper ankle support.
    Best high tops for a small baby that is learning to stand and walk.
    Orthopedic best baby shoes best for causal wear or special occasion wear.
    Good ankle support and proper foot support.
    This is dressy shoe that matches any special outfit your child might wear
    They also could be worn casual for a child for Fall and Winter months.
    Supportive well made walkers for a child
    Manufactured in Europe - not China out of quality leather and proper orthopedic support that every child does need.
    Shoes for children have to be supportive and orthopedic as they form their feet and posture.
    In Europe shoes are manufactured to perfection and it is designed to correctly support little feet.
    Ankle support is added, arch, heel support with reinforced back (high tops) will offer best support that every child does need.
    Not just those with feet and posture problems.
    That is why children in Europe do not wear cheap shoes made in China, we just have none.
    Shoes for kids are viewed as medical, developmental need so they have to be the best and truly support kids feet.
    About 95% of orthopedic problems that child displays is due to not supportive footwear he/she wears.
    Cheap shoes with no support destroying and deforming kids feet over time and they appear in form of pigeon toe and ankle pronation
    Also over time child will develop flat feet from wearing shoes with no arch support.
    European made shoes (original ones not copies) have that feature added to every model since it is a law in Europe.
    Stores carry quality shoes only since no cheap shoes with zero support are even allowed for sale.
    Every factory and brand is regulated for children in Europe by Ministry of Health
    It is designed to monitor footwear industry so they make footwear that benefit a child not cause orthopedic issues.
    Prevention is a key here and it is easily achievable with those quality shoes.
    They are solidly made, supportive and simply the best for small growing and developing feet.

    Black patent baby walking footwear

    Heel supportive baby walking footwear


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