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Child Shoes for Tippy Toes | Stop Your Child to Walk Toes

Baby girls orthopedic shoes for tippy toes
Great supportive with reinforced stiff heel that does not bent when child is tip toe walking.
Sole flexes when child is walking but heel stays in place and that is what you want from good shoe for a child.
Tip toe is a subconscious condition that child is not even aware of tip toe walking.
Children often have muscle stiffness,
stiffness in the Achilles tendon or a lack of muscle coordination.
They tip toe walk without even realizing it.
Tip toe walking is when child is walking on the toes or the ball of the foot.
It is caused by muscle stiffness and alignment in a foot.
Many children with autism, celebral palsy or
muscular dystrophy tip toe walk and they can especially benefit from those type of shoes.
The treatment is to realign the foot and muscles into correct position and STOP tip toe walking.
It will happen gradually with use of quality corrective tippy toe footwear as those little walkers.
Tippy toe footwear have to be ankle high, good orthopedic support, good soles as those.
Just do not rotate them with local cheap shoes sold in USA that are all made in China
Since you never see any improvement.
The point is whatever quality tippy toe footwear does to the foot (it is a gradual process)
The cheap one will deform foot again so you never see improvement
Thus it is pointless.
Stay away from cheap, junk footwear made in China in general
They cause more harm to your child's feet then you can even imagine.
They cause flat feet (10% is only genetic, rest if acquired through junk footwear), pigeon toes, ankle pronation.
Now, returning to those tippy toe footwear above....
They are navy polka dots decorative for any season.
Great walkers feature ankle support, high arches and good walking soles.
Absolute best toddler ankle high tops or could be boots or even sneakers.
They are transitional high tops so they are great for any season.
Make your child wear only this quality boots and you see they stop tip toe walking with time.
Gradually over time, not right away as ankles getting transformed
It takes time to deform the foot with cheap shoes
And takes time to restore it with quality shoes as well
Shaping foot is a process, like deforming with junk shoes...it was a process....
Buy only ortho supportive tippy toe footwear for your child as they correctly support little feet.
Avoid none supportive footwear at all cost.
They will shoot your children feet over time
Europe only produces best tippy toe footwear and we put them on our children, we never put cheap footwear from China on out kids
They deteriorate their feet over time.

Cause of Tip Toe Walking

Cause of Tip Toe walking are tight leg muscles, lack of muscle coordination, stiffness of
Achilles tendon. It can appear in healthy toddlers but also frequents in
children with autism, celebral palsy or muscular dystrophy. You will notice that child walks on his toes or ball of their foot and does not lay entire foot on the floor when walking. That causes a concern to a parent over time since muscles get overextended over time and condition becomes permanent. Child can also fall much easier when running or walking due to tip toe walking. Children also have poor coordination when walking or running and frequently bump into objects. It is wise to try to stop the condition immediately with good supportive ankle high, stiffer sole orthopedic shoes that will prevent a child from walking on toes. It is a gradual process that will realign the foot muscles and put them into correct position. Tip toe walking is a subconscious condition when child is not even realizing when walking on toes. The sooner it is stopped the better.

Tip Toe walking is a habit that develops when a child begins to learns to walk. In a few cases, toe walking is caused by an underlying condition, such as:

Achilles tendon can be caused by a short tendon that links the lower leg muscles to the back of the heel bone. If it's too short, it can prevent the heel from touching the ground.
Cerebral palsy is a disorder of movement related to tip toe walking, muscle tone or posture caused by injury or abnormal development in the parts of the immature brain that control muscle function.
Muscular dystrophy is related to Tip Toe w
alking sometimes occurs in this genetic disease in which muscle fibers are unusually prone to damage and weaken over time.
Autism Spectrum and Tip Toe walking have been linked as disorder that affect child's ability to communicate and interact with oth

AFO's and Tip Toe Walking

It is wise to try to stop the condition immediately with good supportive ankle high, stiffer sole orthopedic baby tippy toe footwear that will prevent a child from walking on toes. It is a gradual process that will realign the foot muscles and put them into correct position. Tip toe walking is a subconscious condition when child is not even realizing when walking on toes. The sooner it is stopped the better.

Parents are often advised to buy uncomfortable AFO or orthodics for their toddlers to stop tip toe walking. Well, that is NOT effective from what we have seen in 19 years we have been fitting orthopedic children walkers and working with various foot specialists in a area. First, toddles are small children who are especially sensitive to any kind of discomfort that AFO or orthodics bring as a footwear so they simply refuse to wear them. It is hard for a parent to force a toddler to wear them when they just refuse them. Those AFO and orthodics are also very restrictive for children to cruise around so they despise to wear them at all. We had countless parents coming to our stores with orthodics and AFO's and child stood terrified to even tried them on. Furthermore, those AFO do not fit any standard width shoes as well - they are extra wide and not fitted for any normal width shoes. AFO's do not fit any European made shoes either since in Europe produced footwear are measured for average child's foot and no child had such wide feet in nature. So supportive, comfortable ankle high tops, sandals with profiled soles were a much better choice for small growing feet. Those footwear accomplish exactly the same function but at the fraction of the price! In Europe usage of AFO's was abandoned in 1970 as medical studies found them to be completely NONE EFFECTIVE. Supportive footwear with good ankle support, reinforced heel good orthopedic arch replaced AFO's completely.

Tip Toe Walking STOP Shoes

Here are examples of perfect orthopedic shoes, boots, sandals for babies, toddlers and children that are guaranteed to stop Tip Toe walking. Remember it is gradual process and takes time but you will notice a difference in child's walking in few months and there will be gradual improvement. They will be like intervals of ON and OFF (meaning on toes and off toes) and that is great meaning joins are realigning in child's feet and footwear are doing their job! Just do not rotate them with soft local footwear as you never see any improvement since soft shoe deteriorate the condition while supportive one restores the foot. Children who are 1-2 years old stop within 1-2 years old, 3-4 years old takes longer 3 years or so, so basically the older the child the longer it takes but no matter what age those shoes will do the job plus child will stay in ultimate comfort while wearing them.

Ankle High Tops as those offer sturdy, stiff reinforced heel that toes not bent when child is walking on tip toes so ankle stays in the same position keeping it in a packet. They are like stiff in the back, sturdy and they do not bent and that is exactly that you want in orthopedic shoe. Inside you see good arch that is built into the sole of the model. All the walkers have arch support added to the sole of the model since 1990. They do not add arch to the lining of the shoe anymore since technology has changed since then. It is more effective now since when child is wearing the shoes and running in them, walking, jumping, the "bump inside gets softer with time, smaller even disappears with time since leather is a soft material. So it was best to make improvements and add support to the sole of the shoe. That was exactly done in 1990 by every European factory that produces children tippy toe footwear in Europe. Through that formula foot support never diminishes and supports child's foot to perfection. Those t-straps feature acti-fresh innersoles that absorb sweat from inside of those boots so no sweaty smelly feet ever in those ankle boots, they absorb sweat from toddlers foot. Soles in them are sturdy and supportive as well. Child should  have 2 pairs of orthopedic footwear per season for rotation for 5-6 months of wear since once they tip toe walk the footwear gets softer with wear so it is wise to rotate between two of them. Pair of shoes and ankle high sandals or pair of orthopedic ankle boots or snow boot depends on the season. Keep going with orthopedic footwear only and you will see a difference and child will STOP tip toe walking gradually.

Soft ortho shoes for a child

Ankle best toddler walking boots for kids


Cici D. Davie, FL - 27/12/2019

Lovely ankle shoes for a toddler. Soft well made shoes and color is great as well.

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