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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Claudine Pink

Metatarsus Adductus corrective arch support shoes

Foot deformation preventive toddler shoes

Ankle support best toddler shoes

Stable walking baby first high tops shoes
Ankle high stable high tops stable for small baby girls.
Orthopedic tops best as they can be - proper to form and support their feet.
Stylish girl's t-strap baby new walking high tops with flexibility and fit.
Made in Europe and fitted to perfection baby high tops footwear.
Will form correctly baby feet since they ortho and give stable ankle support.
This is the kind of corrective walkers we place on our children in Europe when they are little and learning to walk.
Quality shoes are very important and they needs to be ankle supportive, stable with reinforced heel support.
Those are soft, ankle high with profiled soles yet stable for new walkers.
Babies when they learn how to stand, walk and take first steps needs quality footwear as those.
They are best for new walkers and babies with weak ankles since all babies have weak ankles so they need best quality as those.
Arch support stable for kids since all European shoes offer that.
Those lovely high tops are best for baby girls and they made out of fuchsia natural leather with white accent tops.
Decorated with cut-outs hearts best tops.
High arch, anti smell soles inside in those high tops
Those have breathable anti sweat soles inside so your baby will not sweat in those walkers ever.
Even if worn with no socks they will not smell the soles inside will do the job in those lovely style.
Hot weather approved best for toddler girl tops.
Best walking stable for a baby that you can buy since they form their feet ankle and posture.
Orthopedic stable walking best for your baby girl high tops.


Neomi  -  15/09/2020

Very good and they fit my baby well.

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