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Ankle support baby soft shoes

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Brands Biomecanics

Product Code: Viki Brown

  • SKU: 88-78945612
  • Tags:  child weak ankles shoes

    Baby shoes ankle support for walking
    High arch ankle shoes for baby with good ankle support.
    Biomechanics best shoes manufactured in Spain.
    Best new walkers with good ankle support and phenomenal Biomechanical soles.
    Stable walking ankle high baby shoes with good arches inside.
    Pronation ankle best corrective since they support heels to the fullest
    Cute brown patent leather and decorated with flowers ankle shoes.
    Soft Biomechanics ankle sole used for stable walking
    Good arches inside and anti sweat soles in those Biomechanics
    Baby will be ultra comfy in those lovely ankle high Biomechanics shoes
    Great daily shoe for any Fall or Winter season wear.
    Made in Spain with support from orthopedic society.
    Only shoes manufactured in Europe are ankle high orthopedic as those Biomechanics.
    The leather, support, ankle soft soles - all made according to orthopedic standards.
    Try them they are phenomenal shoes for a baby or toddler with best ankle and orthopedic support.

    Biomechanic sole with best heel and ankle support

    High arch, soft best walkers for a toddler


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