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Baby shoes first walking with support
Yes, baby first shoes could be snow boots especially as those - absolute the best ones.
They are light in weight, orthopedic, supportive and absolute best for toddlers to learn how to walk.
Pink/lavender/white leather mix with gortex.
Wool lined best for a child, warm and waterproof for kids.
They are orthopedic best for your child.
Those are the only boots we place on our children in Europe.
No cheap shoes are allowed for sale in Europe.
All footwear is regulated for kids as they form and shape kids feet and posture.
Orthopedic best for kids with proper ankle support
We in Europe do not buy or place cheap shoes on our kids.
They have to be best quality with appropriate support.
Child can avoid all orthopedic problems with best shoes as those.
Shoes act as a form for kids feet so it is important to buy the best shoes for children only.
Europe makes orthopedic shoes as those since they are regulated by our Ministry of Health.

Quality snow boots for babies

Pink snow boots for child with warm wool


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Leslie, Colorado USA 2017-10-02 17:15:40

One of the best snow boots that I bought for my child. They never soaked her feet, even once in a deep snow and rainy weather. Wore them daily for 5 months and they look great for all the torture they took. Wish was an option to attach an image here how good they look after constant wear. Those boots are 100% leather, warm lining inside and yes, they are waterproof. I will by that exact brand next year since they cannot compare to any other brand I had in the past. I only buy European shoes for my child since they are the best for their feet. I spent a bit more but my child is not pigeon toed or walking with pronated ankles. Good shoes = worth the money.

Happy Mom from Nebraska 2013-12-15 00:05:19

SUPPPERRRRRRRRRRR! That is what I wanted, real wool boots! Nothing like I was able to buy them locally since boots offered in Nordstroom are heavy bulky, smelly (yes, they smell) rubber shoes from China. I will not be paying $65 for horrible, miss-fitted shoes for my 2 years old. I want quality, orthopedic boots that child can walk in, have proper support and flexibility. This boot is everything and more. Simply beautiful and top quality. We will enjoy them entire winter. You have me as a regural client since you cannot buy such quality in any local store in Nebraska.

Sonia C - Oregon, USA 2013-12-13 21:51:56

Tested them in a wet, heavy snow we got here. My child was outside for over 3 hours where she was running, and playing in a snow. After she got home I purposely check her feet - they were dry and warm. This is what I call European made quality boots! Weightless, beautiful, warm and functional! They passed with flying colors. I will buy this brand again for next winter -

Leslie from Ontario, CA 2012-08-30 16:26:49

Superior boots for a child. My God they are soft like butter. The wool inside is like 3 inches thick and super warm. Fantastic easy on and off design. I love them! We will enjoy them this Winter for sure. Thank you for such wonderful boots. Very grateful - Leslie