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Baby shoes for feet with low arches

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Brands Remut

Product Code: Renka Burgundy

  • SKU: renka burgundy
    • Baby shoes for feet with low arches
    • Wide width baby leather shoes with high arches
    • Red leather high arch ankle support baby shoes
    • Burgundy patent leather and decorated with gold/red flower.
    • Proper ankle support best high top shoes for a child.
    • Baby will never sweat in those shoes and her feet will be supported.
    • Toddler does need proper shoes so their feet will develop right.
    • Don't buy cheap shoes for your child they will destroy and deform your toddler's feet.
    • Kids orthopedic problems are caused by cheap shoes with no support.
    • Child does need ankle support, good arches and none sweat soles.
    • Only shoes made in Europe, not China will support and form kids feet.

    Wide width baby leather shoes with high arches

    Red leather high arch ankle support baby shoes


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    Mom from Nebraska 2013-10-30 01:04:34

    Arches are like pillows inside of those shoes! They do not scuff either because my daughter literally destroys fronts of any shoes. Those look like new after 2 months of non stop wear. I waited with my review because I wanted to see how they hold up first. I am very pleased with them and I just bought a pair of boots and slippers also by Renbut and I hope they will be as good as those little red shoes.

    Greta N - Maine 2012-08-10 00:18:21

    One of a kind shoes for a child. Wonderful and great arch support as expected. Thanks,

    Amanda 2012-06-22 12:10:13

    I by chance came across these shoes as I loved the look of them, but they are so much more. Such great quality and support. My daughter want take them off. They are worth every penny.

    Svetlana from NH 2012-02-24 16:36:06

    Those are the best shoes that I ever bought for my baby girl! I was searching for quality shoes in USA but it is almost impossible to find them in any local store. Even Nordstroom used to had some quality Italian shoes for kids but now - not anymore. Total junk from China. I found that store 2 years ago and literally every shoe I ever bought was superior. I had many Bartek, Obex, Mazurek, Pink Apple shoes but this brand is SUPERIOR! The shoes are red patent and decorated with adorable flower. Inside they have excellent arch support and they are total quality. My daughter wore them entire Fall and Winter and they are held up fantastic! I am buying sandals now and my guess it will be another pair of Renbut. Highly recommend that label!