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Baby shoes for wide width for new walker
They also fit regural feet  as well since you can easily adjust them via velcros.
High tops for a new walker baby with appropriate ankle support.
Soft summer shoes for a child that could be worn with no socks entire summer.
Best start up walkers for babies learning to walk and stand.
Orthopedic high arch support inside with supportive ankle and orthopedic innersoles.
Super cute, flexible little shoe/sandal and could be worn without socks.
Proper ortho sandals for a child with walking problems
Over time they will correct your baby's feet if child has ankle pronation or pigeon toe condition.
Foot correction best shoes for child and only kind we place on children in Europe.
Those shoes are made to correctly form and support kids feet and posture.
Avoid cheap shoes from China as they deforming and destroying kids feet and posture.
China has no clue what orthopedic shoe even is and how to correctly manufacture them.
Only orthopedic shoes come from Europe since all footwear in Europe is regulated by Ministry of Health.
Kids shoes are viewed as medical product that is designed to correctly form and support kids feet and posture.

Soft summer shoes for a child

Closed toe baby sandals with arches


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