Boys blue boiled wool navy bedroom slippers

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Brand: Biomecanics

Product Code: Koral Navy

Bedroom slippers for a child with arch support
Daycare or house orthopedic slippers that are comfortable and supportive.
Navy color boiled wool used and velcro closure.
Made in Spain by Biomecanics.
Wool is a natural material and child feet will never perspire in those house shoes.
Bedroom slippers are manufactured according to orthopedic standards that are set in Europe
The standards are high and only best orthopedic shoes and slippers are allowed for local market
Locally produced out of local materials and with supervision of orthopedic doctor.
Slippers as those are viewed as developmental need for a child not a fashion statement.
They provide same level of foot support as supportive leather orthopedic shoes.
High tops, orthopedic bedroom best support house shoes for child with weak ankles.
Ankle support, good leather arch, boiled wool inside.
Slippers have breathable leather innersoles that keep feet dry and never hot.
Best fitting soles for child, orthopedic bedroom slippers support at it best.

Quality durable slippers that we have been selling for 22 years, quality as always and made in Spain.

Daycare kids slippers with arches

Wide width orthopedic best house shoes for boys


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