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Brand: Murek

Product Code: Faras Red

Flat feet girls good arch boots for flat feet

Best arch support ankle boots for child with flat feet
Regular to narrow with style.
Visible arches inside added due to contoured sole and leather lining goes on top
This is latest technology from Europe that was invented by Italians
They created a rubber sole that reflects arch support.
That improvement keeps child feet supported at all times since rubber never goes flat.
It supports child's feet at all times during wear of the boots.
Soft lamb leather used in red color and decorated with purple butterfly.

Easy on and off style with velcros.
Feet will never sweat in those great boots due to antibacterial innersoles present.
Europe is the only making truly quality orthopedic boots for kids feet.
Cheap boots with no orthopedic support deform and destroy kids feet, every pediatrician or foot doctor will tell you that in Europe.
Pigeon toe, pronation, flat feet, bow legs are all caused by wearing none supportive shoes as a child.
Therefore, invest in best shoes for your child it is worth it since they form and support kids feet
They also help to restore kids feet into healthy position.

Quality ankle red leather boots with sturdy heel support

Flexible ankle boots for a toddler girls


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